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Friday, September 19, 2003

One of the most sensible assessments of the reality in Iraq and Afghanistan that you will read. Victor Davis Hanson on War on National Review Online
David Horowitz is giving the Academic Establishment fits with his Academic Bill of Rights. Liberals do not like anyone else to have liberty.
Germany will be an ally in Iraq. This is good news indeed. Germany Will Share the Burden in Iraq
How did it happen that so many Americans hate liberation? MySanAntonio : Austin Bay
How do Christians fare in Islamic countries? Bat Yeor on Dhimmitude on National Review Online
Is the new curriculum biased in education? Read a report from the National Association of Scholars. Click here.
A few thoughts on loyalty, a virtue absent in so many. Loyalty requires the willingness to support something larger than your immediate self-interest, whether it be another person, your family, your school, or your homeland. "What has this school done for me?" "What good have I ever got from this family?" "What has the country given to me?"

I suppose the root is a lack of gratitude. The older I get the more it seems to me that thanklessness is the root of a great deal of misery and pain. We have to overlook so many blessings in order to nurse our bitterness. Benedict Arnold did not get a promotion he thought he deserved, so conspired with the British to surrender West Point.
Try Ray's Cartoons for a point of view you might not find in the mainstream media.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

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I will try to post some links to some good articles I read from time to time. They may prove helpful, what with all the lies floating around.

Good article from the National Review on Nazi guerrilla warfare after WWII. Click on the National Review link.

Click on this link to find an article on the popular sport of Bush Hating.

What must happen in Iraq. A very thoughtful article. The UN is not the solution. Click Here

Why we liked Johnny Cash.

So You're a Feminist? ... Isn't That Cute? A great article by Professor Mike Adams of UNC-Wilmington. Click Here

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