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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Did you ever notice that the "History Channel" very often isn't? Isn't the history channel, I mean. Even as I write this my tv is turned on and a segment is running on "Mega Disasters." I don't have the sound on, but I don't need to hear it to know what is going on. There are segments about the glaciers melting and coastal cities being destroyed. Right now there are tidal waves, volcanoes, and earthquakes and civilization sinking into complete chaos.

Ain't history, you know. Just stuff that people make up. Right now they are showing ice breaking off and falling into the water. They show before and after pictures of glaciers, indicating that they are shrinking--they don't indicate what time of year the pictures were taken, just the year. All looks very scientific, but then Freud, Mead, and others falsified their data in order to make the results of their "investigations" come out the way they wanted, just like Michael Polanyi boasts--just ignore the data that you know "instinctively" is wrong. We are geniuses, you know. Trust us, not the Bible. We are scientists, and you will be safe in our hands.

In a pig's eye.

After Dan Rather and Al Gore, who knows what. Whoops, now they are showing Florida being overwhelmed with water.... o dear o dear o dear. We're all going to DIE.

Bogus, bogus, bogus.

Judgment is coming, little children, but you cannot imagine what form it will take. It will have to do with moral and spiritual transgression, not the stuff these people wring their hands about. It will be about idolatry and the worship of power.


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