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Saturday, March 20, 2004 - Krauthammer: This has gone beyond appeasement: "When confronting an existential enemy -- an enemy that wants to terminate your very existence -- there are only two choices: appeasement or war.
In the 1930s, Europe chose appeasement. Today Spain has done so again. Europe may follow. "
Appeasement did not avoid WWII but made it inevitable. If other nations follow the "lead" of Spain, then World War will again visit us in the night. Obviously, Europe was not going to submit to Hitler in that other war, and neither will the West submit to Islam. But as Hitler gained strength and took courage at the lack of moral force in Chamberlain and others, so Islam will take courage from the weakness of the socialist wimps of Europe and the United States.
Victor Davis Hanson on National Review Online: "An exiled Mr. Aristide was restored by the United States in 1996, on the pretext that he probably won the 1994 election. But since then he has engaged in criminality, censorship, blackmail, and violence to ensure that both the parliamentary and presidential elections of 2000 were engineered to his own satisfaction. For all his priestly past, New York sojourns, and professed sympathy for the poor, he too is a one-vote, one-time thug."
There is a lot of fiction in the world. "Democracies" or "republics" especially in the Middle East are polite fictions. So also in Haiti. The good and wise statesman does not lend credence to fictions or support "legitimate" thugs.
Telegraph | News | Reporter following trail of corruption in EU arrested: "Police arrested a leading investigative journalist yesterday on the orders of the European Union, seizing his computers, address books and archive of files in a move that stunned Euro-MPs."
Not all the evil in the world is in Iraq. Hmmm... I wonder why there are those in Europe who have trouble recognizing totalitarianism when they see it?

Friday, March 19, 2004

RealClear Politics - Commentary: "Clearly, the terrorist attack changed the outcome of the election. But that's really the point, isn't it? It was terror, not hatred of George Bush, that was responsible for the vote in Spain. No bombs, no Socialists, no convenient but erroneous arguments about 'referendums.'"
fyi French Official: War Made World Dangerous: "'Terrorism didn't exist in Iraq before,' de Villepin said. 'Today, it is one of the world's principal sources of world terrorism.' "
Wonder what he's been smoking; or if he has a book to sell like Blix. The logical error is post hoc ergo propter hoc, which means that because there are more terror incidents after the invasion, the incidents are because of the invasion. When will these idiots learn that Islamic terrorists do not need the excuse of an invasion--they hate us because we are not Muslims. Simple as that. But the little girlie French men are afraid of the Muslim population in their own state, and are afraid of getting them mad. Won't help, though. Appeasement of evil never does help.

But of course, Newsday, and other pieces of the liberal media accomplices of terror can be expected to publish every bit of trivia that will give aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States. Its in their blood.
Daily Press: Teen's right to wear sweatshirt is restored: "An assistant principal told Daniel Goergen on Feb. 18 to remove the sweatshirt or turn it inside-out. Printed in white letters on the front of the black, hooded sweatshirt are the words 'Abortion is homicide.' The back reads 'You will not silence my message / You will not mock my God / You will stop killing my generation.' "
A man in France was arrested today for using his car to run down a pedestrian he thought was Osama bin Laden. Even though it was a mistake, it still ranks as France’s biggest military victory ever. -Jay Leno
My Way News: "USA Today said Friday that an examination of the work of journalist Jack Kelley found strong evidence that the newspaper's former star foreign correspondent had fabricated substantial portions of at least eight major stories."
These are the guys that we are supposed to trust with political coverage, religious news, and opinions of Bible believers.
Welcome to WGOP - DC Radio 700: "So Kerry knows his own record and knows his vulnerability. His response is to create out of whole cloth mythical 'foreign leaders' who support his election. Like Harvey the Rabbit, John Kerry has Harvey the 'foreign leader' whispering encouragement to him.

"That's troubling. Very troubling, and the press doesn't quite know what to do with this odd duck from Massachusetts, but are reluctant to see him implode the week after locking up the nomination. So they aren't pressing very hard.

"Here's a suggestion: Just track the 'foreign leaders' story with half the energy you tracked the 'yellowcake' story. That'll do.

"Scary John Kerry. Next thing you know he'll be making up defective voting processes in Florida and hiring lawyers to stake out the Sunshine State."
Welcome to WGOP - DC Radio 700: "This picture of the statue was made by an Iraqi artist named Kalat, who for years was forced by Saddam Hussein to make the many hundreds of bronze busts of Saddam that dotted Baghdad. This artist was so grateful that the Americans liberated his country, he melted 3 of the fallen Saddam heads and made a memorial statue dedicated to the American soldiers and their fallen comrades."
Go to this site to see a picture of the statue. A very moving scene.
Blix says Iraq war may have worsened terror threat: "On a tour of the United States to promote his book, 'Disarming Iraq,' Blix criticized U.S. President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair for engaging in a 'witch hunt' to justify the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq one year ago. "
How come he gets to capitalize and make a profit on the war? This blatant self-serving ought to bring an outcry from the same press that villified GWB for using 9/11 photos in campaign advertizing, but don't hold your breath. Only liberals get to make monry by exploiting the war for their own advantage.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

The American Enterprise: The Cold Realities of Our Fight in Iraq: "Right back here in our own land, about 300 defenders of public safety (cops, firefighters, prison guards) sacrifice their lives every year in the process of protecting the domestic tranquility of our streets, homes, and gathering places. That's 3,000 traumas per decade, a bill paid less visibly than war deaths, but just as inexorably. Both sorts of losses are part of the blood price of keeping our civilization secure."
The red in the flag is the blood of those who fight to keep us free. If you won't fight, you won't be free, either in the streets or in the world. - Saddam was a grave threat: "But failure to find stockpiles does not mean the ultimate peril did not exist. Far more important were Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein's history, capability and intent, and the serious and long-term threat he posed to a vital region, to America's allies and to our national security."
Peril did exist. Robert LIeber gives the clear reasons. We must not hide our head in the sands.
EU Business - French FM supports EU appointment of anti-terrorism supremo: "EU officials have said the proposed 'Mr Terrorism' would be a coordinator -- an expert who knows the subject well -- rather than a politician. The officials rejected any comparison with Tom Ridge, the US Homeland Security director. "
But of course. America can't have a good idea: we are boorish, unrefined, and have a cowboy for president. Europe will teach us how to fight terrorism with diplomacy, finesse, culture. And talk. Lots of talk. It's the Eli approach: "My sons, do not so wickedly." [That's in the Bible. Look it up.]

They did such a good job with Napoleon, Hitler, and Mussolini. The French are especially good at it, from the days of the Huguenots, Robspierre, and Nazism. Only the Anglos seem to get it right, although it usually takes them a while. - Top Stories - Methodist Church Tries Lesbian Pastor: "Dammann, 47, is charged with 'practices declared by the United Methodist Church to be incompatible to Christian teachings.' Church law prohibits ordination of self-avowed, practicing homosexuals, although the church's social principles support rights and liberties for homosexuals. "
She needs to be removed from the ministry for two reasons: she is in rebellion to God and her own nature by her "self-avowed" practice of homosexuality and because of her rebellion to God and her own nature by thrusting herself into the Gospel ministry, because the Holy Spirit has limited the office of elder to men.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Today in Investor's Business Daily stock analysis and business news: "As former Hezbollah leader Hussain Massawi said, 'We are not fighting so that you will offer us something. We are fighting to eliminate you.'
They're counting on our weakness. A document that showed up on an al-Qaida Web site last December was eerily prescient. 'We think the Spanish government will not stand more than two blows, or three at the most, before it will be forced to withdraw because of the public pressure on it,' it read. It went on to predict a win by the Socialist Party, and the withdrawal of Spanish forces from Iraq."
The Alliance Stands in the Gap to Protect Right of Senior Citizens to Worship: "For twenty years, senior citizens have used the facility for social programs and recreational events. A group of Christian seniors had also gathered -- without government interference -- at the center to sing gospel songs and hear the Word of God from a retired pastor. These seniors also quietly say a word of thanks to the Lord when they receive their meals at the center. All prayers and participation in the worship service are voluntary -- no one is coerced into praying or attending.

Then things changed. In August 2003, the city of Balch Springs enacted a new policy that stated that all mealtime prayers, gospel music, and 'religious messages' cease immediately. No other group was censored, only Christians."
The New Republic Online: Moral Nihilism: "Notice how the Guardian instinctively, viscerally, blames the victim, Israel, for the terrorism that has plagued it for so long. For in the Guardian's view, the democracies are always wrong; and the terrorists always have a point. "
Liberalism is the same everywhere: in England, France, Germany--and among Kerry and his effete, elite friends who are still living in the rot of the sixties generation, the cowardice of Viet Nam protest, and love for all things socialistic and anti-Christian.
I heard to day that Kerry would not be the second black president. He would be the first French President. But he will be neither.
Op-Ed Columnist: Scandal at the U.N.: "he cover-up in the office of the U.N. secretary general of a multibillion-dollar financial fraud known as the Iraqi oil-for-food program is beginning to come apart."
Will Kerry and his French friends call for a congressional investigation? Where are you Maxine? Tom?

Oh, well. We won't hold our breath. Integrity does not dwell in those bosoms.
Aftenposten Nettutgaven, Local: "A group of European social democrats, led by former British Foreign Minister Robin Cook, met last week with several top Democratic politicians and party officials. They included US senators Hilary Clinton and Joseph Biden."
Get this message out. Americans will resent our people conniving of other nations to influence and control our elections. - Politics - Bush Unbowed by International Terror: "As the president spoke on Tuesday, the French newspaper Le Parisien and other news outlets received a fax from an Islamic group threatening terrorist attacks in retaliation over French plans to ban Islamic headscarves and other religious apparel in schools. The group identified itself as The Servants of Allah, the Powerful and Wise. "
Banning head scarves is just as offensive to the Islamists as sending troops to Iraq. It is not the war in Iraq, but anything non-Islamic that drives the hate of these people. France will not escape for being chickenhearted on the war, and neither will Spain. Those who are perceived to be weak and irresolute will go first, just as the coyotes and wolves bring down the weak and diseased first.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004 / News / Boston Globe / Opinion / Op-ed / The Bushes' new world disorder: "At the United Nations, the United States misled the world. In speech after speech, President Bush misled Congress and the nation. And note that the word 'misled' means both to have falsified and to have failed in leadership. To mislead, as the tautological George Bush might put it, is to mislead."
Liars see liars everywhere they look. I suppose that George Bush deceived Bill Clinton and the United Nations even before he became President. Amazing!
Broadcasting & Cable - Karmazin Says Stern Not Indecent: "Viacom President Mel Karmazin today defended Infinity's Feb. 24 broadcast of Howard Stern's show, saying it was not indecent.
He apologized to Senator Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) for an offensive racist remark made by a caller to the show, but said that, too, 'does not fall within the ambit of the indecency definition.' "
Well, then that settles it. Most nothing falls within the armpit of indecency. Viacom has spoken.
Spaniards ignore logic in caving to al-Qaida: "In the first place Osama bin Laden will conclude, not unreasonably, that Zapatero won in coalition with himself. Al-Qaida as a whole will reckon that its bombs were the main factor in handing the election to an unworthy Zapatero. And that victory will instill the forces of Islamo-fascism worldwide with the belief that the people of Spain, Europe and the West are decadent -- just as the 1930s Oxford Union refusing 'to die for King and Country' convinced Hitler that the democracies then were decadent. Like Hitler they will then be emboldened by this belief to strike further -- both against Spain and against other nations where resistance to Islamo-fascist terrorism is weak and uncertain. And the terrorist war on civilization will last longer and kill more people."
Spain will not gain peace by cowardice, unless she is ready to reverse 1492 and invite the Moors back in. - Opinion: Are the Spanards cowardly or are they wise? James P. Pinkerton: "Not exactly. What happened was that Spaniards went to the polls and rejected the PP's pro-Bush policy. Intervention in Iraq was a 'disaster,' declared newly elected Socialist leader Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero."
A better Question: Is Pinkerton cowardly or is he wise? "Discretion is the better part of valor," is the way the cowardly Falstaff put it in King Henry IV, Part I. [That's in Shakespeare for the government school graduates].
French Going Wild For Senator Kerry In Election Fever: " Whatever the reason, the French are going wild for John Kerry.

His face graces the covers of magazines and newspapers on Paris newsstands. He�s the subject of radio phone-in and television talk shows. Journalists chase down distant relatives and long-forgotten acquaintances in search of anecdotes. "
But of course. Let the yellowbellies of the world rejoice. One of their own has won in Spain and now they hope to win in America. But aren't Americans made of sterner stuff? But the French should ask: if America becomes like the French, who will save the French?
Yahoo! News - Kerry Sticks to Claim of World Support: "
'I'm not making anything up at all,' Kerry told The Associated Press in an interview Monday. He accused Republicans of 'trying to change the subject' from jobs, health care and other issues. "
How can you trust this guy? He is the one who mentioned the support of "world leaders," then when asked who they were, accused his opponents of try to change the subject. Go figure. Is liberal a synonym for liar?
Excite News: "Most Spaniards opposed Aznar's support of the Iraq war, and many believed he made Spain a target for terrorists by his pro-U.S. policies."
This is liberalism in a nutshell. If you are hard on the bad guys they will just hate you more. It's the parents fault, it's the policeman's fault, it's the military's fault, it's the fault of whoever thinks that evil should be punished and restrained. The true sin in the world is overreacting and the use of excessive force.

The real enemy is God, of course, for He will surely punish the wicked and reward the righteous. But in the liberal, socialist dream of human paradise, there are no wicked and righteous, just a Hegelian stew of undifferentiated moral amalgam.

We will find, however, that God is not part of the stew. The Hell of the Bottomless Pit is the end of the stew. Hell is for those who do not know which end is up.

Monday, March 15, 2004

Thought You Should Know - Sixties Legacy in the Oval Office: "First was a commitment to radical egalitarianism, the belief that in a just society everyone was to be absolutely equal and that every effort should be made to level society as much as possible. The second was an anti-Americanism that increasingly raised its head as the decade wore on. Third was a self-righteousness -- a certainty about the rightness of their own views -- that probably characterizes most true-believing political groups but was virulent and fanatical in the new left and what came to be called the sixties generation."
This is a good article on the legacy of the 1960's. Affirms some things that this writer has been saying for some time. The trouble is that these smug self-righteous people are now in huge churches, where they sit around, drink latte, drive Porches, and profess love for the underclass, boast that they have delivered the world from narrow fundamentalism and divisive doctrine. They insist that basketball coaches wear suits and ties and likewise insist on their liberty to wear blue jeans or shorts to church. They eat popcorn while they weep over Gibson's "Passion." They know nothing of the cross of Christ, except through the idolatry of the crucifix or some movie. They would not have any idea of what Luther posted on the door at Wittenberg: "Blessed are those who say 'The cross! the cross!' and there is no cross."
My Way - News: "He also said Spain's newly elected Socialist prime minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, had spoken highly of Kerry."
But of course. See my previous post.
Excite - News: "Spain's incoming leader Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said Monday he would probably pull Madrid's troops out of the 'disastrous' occupation of Iraq, in a major swing from his predecessor's pro-American foreign policy."
But of course. Socialism has aided and abetting dictators and tyrants forever--re: Stalin's pact with Hitler; socialists support of Castro, the Sandanistas, etc. The list goes on an on. Kerry would not be any different. Socialism does not support freedom anywhere, except the freedom to break every one of God's commandments with gusto and impunity.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Iraqi spy case shows media at it again: "Anyone who wants to understand why the media are held in such low regard by the public -- in polls of the most respected professions we usually come somewhere between Nigerian e-mail scammers and serial pedophiles -- should consider the following headline from an Associated Press story in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer last week:
''Accused Spy Is Cousin Of Bush Staffer''"


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