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Saturday, February 07, 2004

NR Editors on Intelligence on National Review Online: "Kay repudiated a central article of faith in the religion of conspiracy: that the administration, hot to topple Saddam, pressured intelligence analysts to give it the evidence it needed. Kay said he had 'not come across a single one' who had been leaned on in that fashion. The intelligence community and the administration alike were, however, pressured by their own expectations. Saddam had possessed and used poison gas, and was determined to build other forms of WMD. He had been defying U.N. inspectors for four years. Therefore, it seemed likely that he had restocked his arsenal. The Bush administration believed it; so did the Clinton administration. So did Britain. So did the anti-war Left, including France and Germany. (One reason the peaceniks advanced for not invading Iraq was that Saddam would unleash his WMD.)"


Thursday, February 05, 2004

American Family Association - AgapePress news: "...A leading opponent of the theory of evolution says its rejection of God has made legalization of homosexual 'marriage' possible. Phillip Johnson, whose books seek to prove that life and the universe were intelligently designed, says evolution's godless materialism makes morality a mere matter of opinion. On the eve of Thursday's National Prayer Breakfast, Johnson received Prison Fellowship's annual William Wilberforce Award -- named for the British lawmaker who helped abolish the slave trade. Phillip Johnson says he is fighting another kind of slavery -- a tyranny of the mind that blinds people to evidence of God's creation and moral laws. But he says the evidence against evolution has changed from a dormant volcano into one that is erupting and changing the scientific landscape."
American Family Association - AgapePress news: "Weaver says the IRD threatens the soul of the Church when it criticizes liberal bishops who advocate homosexuality, abortion, and pacifism."
How can you threaten a non-existent soul? Those who advocate homosexuality, abortion, and pacifism have already lost their soul.
Not All Moslems Hate Us: "What country volunteered to go to Saddam Hussein's aid? None. What country today openly sides with Osama bin Laden? None. So, instead of a portrait of over 1 billion Moslems under strict orders from Allah to kill all of us unbelievers, maybe there are sticks to be poked here, carrots to be dangled, alliances to be formed, games to be played.
There was no evidence during World War II that sizable numbers of the German and Japanese populations were on our side. During the Cold War there was abundant evidence that we had lots of friends inside communist countries. In fact, the coldest part of the Cold War was the frosty relationship between the captive populations and their communist masters.
There's no one single 'Islamic world.' There are many. And far from all of them are against us.
Some of my best friends are Moslems who hate Osama. Let's try to find ways to get out there and manufacture some more. "
Read the entire article, and learn to think differently about the Muslim world.
Donald Luskin on Krugman, Lies & Correcting Lies on NRO Financial: "But then there's Paul Krugman. America's most dangerous liberal pundit often takes the lowest road of all. When the Krugman Truth Squad catches him in a bald-faced lie, he takes the opportunity to tell another lie. A Krugman correction isn't the act of a journalist seeking to set the record straight. It's the act of an assassin: His first shot missed, so he'll take another one. "
Well, well, well. A journalist actually lying? Whatever is the world coming to?
William F. Buckley: Passionate thoughts: "But if there is consolation to be sought, surely it is that Hitler was utterly indifferent to any crimes any Jews might have committed against Jesus Christ. His antagonism -- his hatred -- was based on preposterous, but no less lethal, ideas of racial purity. I know of no text by Hitler against the Jews -- and they are legion -- in which the death of Christ is even hinted at as indicating 20th-century Jewish culpability. "

Larry Kudlow: Entering the zone: "Why then is everyone suggesting that 4 percent GDP -- the just-released mark for last year's fourth quarter -- represents an economic slowdown? It's all blather. "
We heard this all before when Reagan was president. It seems that every other day, the media reported how bad the job situation was. That was blather, too.
WORLD February 14, 2004: IT'S KERRY'S RACE TO LOSE: "'I offered a mainstream voice and I still believe that is the right choice and the winning choice for our party and our country,' Sen. Lieberman said in his concession speech. 'Today, the voters have rendered their verdict and I accept it.' He indicated he would set aside his battle for moderation and support the eventual nominee."
Just goes to show how far radical left the Democratic party has gone. It seems that there are no moderates left.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

WORLD February 7, 2004: Stray pastors: "According to a new study by the Barna Research Group, 49 percent of Protestant pastors reject core biblical beliefs."
Wonder why the churches rejoice when the pews are full? It shows that the marketing is working, which proves that you don't advertise unpleasant things about your product: like repentance, hell, and judgment. People don't like to hear those things. They had rather tap their foot to the jazzy music.
Gary Aldrich: Clear choice: "But Senator Kerry articulated the most important difference between a Democrat and a second Bush term when he spoke to firefighters in Oklahoma at a campaign stop over the weekend. He made it clear that if elected president, he would adopt the prior Clinton administration policies related to terrorism, treating most terrorist acts as violations of law, suitable for investigation by the FBI."

This is reason enough not to elect Kerry. The liberals love the court system. Sixty years of liberalism has so corrupted the courts that four jerky judges in Massachusetts think they have the right to overturn thousands of years of the popular opinion of what marriage is; that criminals have the right to use every bit of obstruction and trickery to evade the law; that deep pockets [like Microsoft and McDonalds and the tobacco companies] exist to enrich the legal profession. So it is natural that the lawyers want a piece of the action on terrorism. Who cares about the country if we can make some money.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Ohio House Approves Defense Of Marriage Act: "With just four letters Ohio lawmakers have redefined marriage in the state.
It will have a widespread impact on same-sex couples and businesses in a city already seen by some as intolerant.
The law is known as 'DOMA' the Defense of Marriage Act.
It passed the Ohio house Tuesday and waiting for Governor Taft's signature.
This comes on the heels of a Massachusetts court ruling that recognized same sex marriages.
Ohio becomes the 38th state to pass such a law. "
Hurrah for Ohio!
MATT DRUDGE // DRUDGE REPORT 2004�: "The enhancement will include the ability to delete both inappropriate audio and video footage from the broadcast. Using a five second delay, CBS has traditionally employed procedures that allow only for the elimination of inappropriate audio. This new enhancement will accomplish both. The precise length of the new delay has yet to be determined. "
I guess when you are dealing with perverted people, you have to protect yourself. Why I'm Rooting for Dean -- Feb. 09, 2004: "So why do I keep coming back to the fireplug from Vermont? No, I'm not cynically trying to engineer a Bush landslide. And, no, it's not because John Kerry seems such a tired and faded figure (although that's part of it). I just think that the Democrats' sudden panic about Dean's electability is overblown and that the urge to find someone more superficially 'presidential' is a trap. It won't help the Democrats in November (I don't know any Democrats who are actually excited about Kerry), and it will deny all of us a real debate about the future direction of the country."

fyi. good article.
Wright - 2004, February 02: "For years in the United States, Eugene, Oregon has been the capitol of eco-terrorism. These green militants operate several terrorist organizations, most notably the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) and the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). This loose but vast network of slimy terrorists call Eugene their headquarters. Terrorists train there, recruiters gather there with wanna-be pipe bombers, and if you have an SUV dealership to torch or a ski lodge to destroy, then Eugene has the answer."

Mike S. Adams: Up From Atheism: "Ever since I became a columnist, people have been asking me to explain exactly how I abandoned atheism. I think it would be better to talk about how I could have avoided it. I also think that the right reading list for high school seniors would make a lot of teenagers less susceptible to the anti-religious influences they encounter in college."
This is a confession of his journey of faith in Christ from visiting the unspeakable Ecuadorian prisoner to the retarded inmate of a Texas prison death row. This is the same Mike Adams who is my favorite college professor who column "So You're a Feminist. Isn't that cute?" Link

This is good stuff, and Professor Adams said he would write another article on this. This column is a must.
Give choice a chance - The Washington Times: Editorials/OP-ED: "Our results, coupled with emerging evidence from other states that have added voucher programs, make the value of vouchers to parents, students and schools clear. Almost a decade after Congress first considered vouchers for the District of Columbia, the debate is no longer theoretical. It is now a contest between proven, measurable results and political rhetoric. " --Jeb Bush
While vouchers are not the best idea, in the view of this writer, they are far better than the present system. Whatever problems arise later, such as undue government interference in private schools, can be addressed later. Government policies and influence already influence private schools and will continue to do so, in spite of the desire of private schools to be independent. As long as the content of the curriculum, the choice of teachers, and those permitted to enrol are generally retained by the private schools--and they will be as long as the private schools show good sense--there should be little to cause concern.

The greatest benefit of vouchers will be to take some of the educational budge out of the hands of the liberal, anti-christian, public school lobby. Any thing that does that will be of benefit to America. They can set up their own schools, of course, but no one in their right mind would attend a public school if it were not free and coerced in some way.

The best solution, of course, in the long run would be the complete disestablishment of education. Because of the religious nature of epistemology there can never be "neutral" educational practices. It is impossible to teach that anything is true without making religious suppositions. Even to say that some things just "are" is an implicit denial of creation, a religious supposition with disastrous moral and spiritual consequences. Even teaching mathmatics involves presuppositions about the nature of reality and evidence that are denied only by the ignorant or those who wish to deceive. Education needs to be removed from the public arena, and returned to the family and individual. Then the competition for ideas can take place on a level playing field. Whatever indoctrination would take place would not even compare with the indoctrination into the gay, feminist, socialist agenda that now characterizes the public educational establishment.


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