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Saturday, July 31, 2004

AEI - News & Commentary: "You know that the political debate has been poisoned when 85 percent of African-Americans feel President Bush stole the 2000 election. At least that is what a CBS poll released last Friday finds. "
Read this article, which destroys the myth that the Republicans stole Florida in 2000. The responsibility for the poisoning of the political debate lies at the doorstep of Al Gore. Early in the evening on election night, he conceded the election to Bush, then political operatives convinced him that a legal challenge could be made. They sent teams of lawyers into Florida to try to find evidence of voter fraud, but couldn't find any. Instead they tried to deprive servicemen of their vote, and were able to persuade the partisan Florida Supreme Court to overturn the election.

No evidence was found at that time for voter fraud, and none has been found since then, although no election has been so thoroughly scrutinized by non-parisan and liberal groups and news agencies. Time after time, the conclusion has been the same. Bush won fairly in 2004.

But the liars continue to lie. The crooks continue to cheat. Al Gore came within an eyelash of doing for the election process what his boss Bill Clinton did for the legal system.

This is the reason for the hatred on the left for George W. Bush. He is one tough nut. Weasels hate such people, for they expose duplicity and deceit and corruption just by showing up.

I don't always agree with the policies of Bush, but I do think that he is an honest and straightforward man. Such are few enough in America today, and we ought not to ruin the ones we have.

Clinton and Gore are true Sixties men. Only a few survived the corruption of the sexual and religious and social revolution of that generation. So many were corrupted in morals and mind, so that they couldn't recognize the truth if it hit them in the head. There have always been such men, ruthless in their desires to get their way and for whom truth was an obstacle to be sacrificed if necessary. But no generation in America could be so justly named that sort of generation.

If the truth does come along, the reaction is to invent talking points and hire crooked lawyers to make it go away in the minds of the people. The only thing these people truly believe is in their own goodness and the purity of their desires, no matter how corrupt those desires are. Those who get in the way of their desires must be destroyed.

They are like a troubled sea that cannot rest, pouring out dirt and grime.

Pr 30:11-14 There is a generation that curseth their father, and doth not bless their mother. There is a generation that are pure in their own eyes, and yet is not washed from their filthiness. There is a generation, O how lofty are their eyes! and their eyelids are lifted up. There is a generation, whose teeth are as swords, and their jaw teeth as knives, to devour the poor from off the earth, and the needy from among men.
AEI - News & Commentary: "You know that the political debate has been poisoned when 85 percent of African-Americans feel President Bush stole the 2000 election. At least that is what a CBS poll released last Friday finds. "
The poisoning lies directly at the doorstep of Al Gore, who, after conceding the election to Bush earlier on election night, came to the conclusion that lawyers might be able to change the results of the election by making the charges that are now circulating.

There was no evidence then, and there is no evidence now. But Gore wanted to be president so badly that he was willing to dump a load of crap on Bush and the Republicans on the outside chance that he could pull it off. He came within an eyelash of making it work. He did for the electoral process what Clinton did for the legal climate in America. Nixon was a piker compared to these guys.

The generation of the Sixties has left a blight upon America. Pr 30:12 "There is a generation that are pure in their own eyes, and yet is not washed from their filthiness."

Friday, July 30, 2004

Mike S. Adams: PETA Principles: "Please respond to the following questions via e-mail (to avoid using paper that may have been taken from the carcasses of innocent trees murdered for the advance of human interests):"
A hilarious article about the absurdities of the "animal rights" people. I especially like the "cuteness test" question.
Yahoo! News - DNA pioneer Crick dies: "British Nobel laureate Francis Crick, who with American James Watson discovered the double-helix structure of DNA that revolutionized genetics and spawned the ubiquitous field of biotechnology, has died at 88, associates said. "
The headlind reads, "Man who discovered the secret of life is dead." Hmmm. But he is dead. The One who came to earth to give life to His people rose from the dead and ever lives in Heaven. Is there a commentary here on the controversy over modern science and faith? I think there is. Read John's Gospel to discover the real secret of life. / News / Boston Globe / Opinion / Op-ed / An uphill battle: "Saddam's outrages will be paraded on live American TV, reinforcing the idea that the Iraq war, no matter what the misrepresentations and blunders, was justified. Of course, nobody is debating whether Saddam was a vicious tyrant. The issue is whether America should have rushed to war on false information, without allies, and without a competent plan for the aftermath. Still, a September show trial will be a Bush propaganda coup."
These guys are shameless. We didn't rush--how many UN resolutions were there? Without allies? You mean without the French and Germans. We had a coalition of thirty-some nations, was it? There was a plan for the aftermath and it is working relatively well, if the rebels were not constantly encouraged by the traitors at home. But the Democrats are still hoping for disaster in Iraq, because they are willing for America to endure anything, so long as Democrats are returned to power. But it won't happen.

And yes, the war was justified, no matter what reputed false information and blunders. These guys remind me of the ultra right wing after WWII, who continued to accuse FDR and Truman of being traitors, leading us into an unjustified war against Hitler, who wasn't really all that terrible. You still hear those who say that Hitler did not kill Jews, and if he did, it was probably justified. Now the conspiracy talk is coming from the far left, but the Jew still gets it in the neck. Did you hear that Jews are fleeing from France? They are, you know.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A Thoughtful and Careful Analysis of the Real Haters

FYI, but read the whole article.

The hate cure - The Washington Times: Editorials/OP-ED - July 28, 2004: " No, I think the clever boys and girls in the backroom of the Democratic Party have created a monster in this carefully manufactured Bush-hatred. Let's remember where this hatred started � in Florida. From Al Gore, through the Democratic National Committee and into the mouths of rank-and-file Democratic congressmen and senators, the word went out that the Democratic Party would not respect the election results. They methodically asserted that Mr. Bush was illegitimately in office because Mr. Gore actually got more votes in Florida. Even after the major liberal media outlets did their own recount and found Mr. Bush won Florida fair and square, the knowingly false charge was slammed into the brains of Democratic Party true believers. Mr. Bush was 'selected, not elected' became the slogan.
They carefully nurtured this resentment into a small hatred. Then they compounded it by ridiculing the president's intelligence � even though Mr. Bush got better grades at Yale than Al Gore, while still enjoying a vigorous frat life. They repeated endlessly their contempt for Mr. Bush's Christian faith � which apparently induces contempt and hatred among the Democratic Party faithful.
And all of this was before Iraq. This carefully cultivated little hatred was elevated to industrial strength with the accusations that Mr. Bush lied his way into war. While disproven by bipartisan findings, the charges persist. Mr. Gore accused Mr. Bush of 'betraying' the country. Mr. Kerry used the word lie just enough to keep his lunatic pack happy. "
Byron York on Michael Moore & Democratic Convention on National Review Online: " Promoting his movie Fahrenheit 9/11 at the Democratic National Convention, radical filmmaker Michael Moore launched into a shouting, red-faced denunciation of Republicans Tuesday, saying supporters of the GOP are different from 'real Americans'; that they are 'people who hate'; that they are 'up at six in the morning trying to figure out which minority group they're going to screw today'; and that in the upcoming presidential campaign, they 'are going to fight...smear...lie...and hate.'"
Are these the Republicans you know? When is the Democratic leadership going to repudiate this madman?
Mike S. Adams: I had an abortion!: "The columnist who sent me that link also asked 'what do you think about Planned Parenthood selling t-shirts that celebrate abortion?' Well, here's what I think:
I think that the notion that abortion should be 'safe, legal, and rare' was never really the position of Al Gore, the Democrats, or Planned Parenthood. ..."
Clink on the link above to read the rest of Dr. Adam's fine article. The New Planned Parenthood t-shirts proclaimed "I Had an Abortion." The agenda of the baby-killers is the same as that of sodomites: full acceptance and preference for their position. Often in the name of Christ they war on Christ and they war on His people. Don't be deceived. The tolerance they want is tolerance for their ideas only. Tolerance is preached in order to gain power, but when the power is gained, no other views are tolerated. Is anyone surprised that on Professor Adam's campus the position of not debating abortion means than only baby-killers will be heard.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The United Nations Anti-Semitism? Of Course. Read this article by my favorite Jew.

Dennis Prager: Explaining the Arab-Israeli conflict through numbers


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