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Monday, April 20, 2009

A Duh Moment

It was last night during one of the basketball playoffs--I forget which one. One of the sports chicks on the sideline had just interviewed one of the basketball players, a young black, talented, articulate, intelligent--the player not the sports chick.

A few minutes later, the feed went back to the main desk in time to hear one of the other empty female heads gushing something like this, "He is such a bright young man. I really think he should do something significant--he should get into government and do something significant."

"SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT" "HOPE" "GOVERNMENT" ?????? Those words have absolutely no relation to each other. I do not know what this player does with his $6 million or so each year, but I suspect he would not have to go into government to do something significant, like taking care of his family, going to church, treating his neighbors and relatives with dignity, and treating his fellow athletes right.

"Going into government" often means getting in the way of those who do significant things. Please don't do it. Stay out of politics if you want to be significant.


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