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Saturday, November 08, 2003

Maybe the Romans had a good idea: they named their children First, Second, Third, Fourth, etc. If they were boys they had masculine endings to their name; girls had feminine endings. Thus, the third child was name Tertius if a boy, Tertia if a girl. Rather impersonal don't you think? It was a wonder that Rome ever conquered the world without the self-esteem of a kooky name.

When I was a kid, I knew a family where the girls were named Gaylee and Lovejoy, and the boy was named Angel. None of us were surprized when the boy later murdered his father.

BTW, I names my boys Steve, Sam, Joe, Jim, Josh, and Matt. Didn't want to mess them up.

WORLD November 15, 2003: Brand names: "Taking pop culture to a new level, some Americans are naming their children after consumer products"
The moral idiocy of liberalism is of the same family as those who turned their eyes away from the murders of Hitler, the heroes of the modern Islamists. Too often, deaths of Jews taken too casually: "Generally, those in the left contend that the repeated murder of Jews in Israel must be 'put in context of the Israeli occupation.' It is the 'legitimate resistance to the occupation' that inevitably causes the 'unfortunate but understandable' acts of those Palestinians who blow themselves up to murder Jews. We can hear this argument repeated in the media (and at the United Nations) almost every day. "
Finally, someone who is saying what needs said! Great article. Victor Davis Hanson on War on National Review Online: "We need honest language, not more pablum that 'all religions can be distorted by extremists' — as if the Inquisition, the Hundred Years War, Timothy McVeigh, or the Shintoism of the Japanese militarists were contemporary events or relevant to the current struggle. They are not. "
Notice that Mr. Lekic want to make sure that we are not misled by the "insistance" of the senior U. S. official. AP is supposed to be a news agency and insists that it is "neutral" in its "reporting" but it is really a propaganda agency for liberal idiology, and let the nation go to the dogs.

Excite News: "By SLOBODAN LEKIC BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - A senior U.S. official insisted on Saturday that the U.S. military has the upper hand in the escalating war in Iraq, on a day when two paratroopers died in a roadside ambush and the international Red Cross said it was closing two main offices due to deteriorating security."
OpinionJournal - Best of the Web Today: "End of an Era
Let history record Nov. 6, 2003, as the day on which the civil rights movement in America drew to a close. For that is the day the Atlanta Journal-Constitution published the following sentence, in an article on the judicial nomination of Janice Rogers Brown:
Prominent blacks charged President Bush deliberately chose a conservative black woman so it would be harder for senators to vote against her."
But what do you expect? When people turn evil into good [ordaining sodomites], then they must turn good into evil. Men have a choice in whether or not to honor God, but they have no choice in the consequences to their thought in choosing the evil. Would the gay-lovers dismiss a bishop for not believing that sodomites should be ordained? No, of course not; it is insubordination that gets him. Remember, a great many Christians died at the hands of Rome--not because they were Christians, for Rome was tolerant, kind, benevolent, broadminded, gentle, and sweet. They just killed Christians for treason [insubordination], because they insisted on making truth-claims concerning God, and everyone knew that you shouldn't do that. All religions were tolerated by the mild, broadminded, and benevolent policies of Rome, but Christians were a nuisance because they believe they knew what the truth was. O well, some things never change. : Priest Who Clashed Over Gay Bishop Ousted: "An Episcopal priest who clashed repeatedly with the Diocese of New Hampshire over its election of a gay bishop has been removed from his church.
The Rev. Donald Wilson was dismissed from the Church of the Redeemer after responding in an 'insubordinate way' to a request to meet with Bishop Douglas Theuner, Theuner told Wilson in a letter."
It started out as a joke, of course. Some people cannot take a joke, but I wonder what would have happened if one of the senior boys had tried to be elected "queen." The school should never have allowed the girl to run for the office, but they couldn't do anything about it because of moral and role issues. The schools are paralyzed by their stupid ideas of equality. What did they expect? Did they think that gender issues would not arise? "Gender inequality," is the way teacher-he's-a-beaut-Mike Dwyer put it. Hey, Mike, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and lays duck eggs like a duck, it is not equal to a moon rock.

It was inevitable, of course, and it is going to get worse. Romans 1 says that when people are unwilling to distinquish between the Creator and the creatures, before long they will not be able to have the ability to distinguish between anything, because God gives them over to a reprobate mind. The result is a witch's brew of undifferentiated mulligan stew. [Of course that is a bad sentence, but why should new agers complain about mixed metaphors? Everything is equal to everything else, so why bother? Boys are girls and girls are boys and kings are queens and queens are kings and brews and stews.] The real tragedy are the kids--boys that are taught to act like girls and girls that are taught to act like boys, warring against their own natures. You can pretend a bull is a cow, but if you try to milk the bull, you will get an eduction about gender roles.

Angela just thought it was a joke, and didn't realize the can of worms she would open. But that is why they have teachers and principals in school. But what could the teachers say in public school, except, "You've come a long way, Baby?"

But if the school are forbidden to teach about God, then of course they cannot teach about man, who is in the image of God. The result? noone is left with any common sense.

The sad thing here is the continuing feminization of our culture. What about the next homecoming that elects two sodomites as king and queen? Of course Angela is not a lesbian, but why wasn't there a teacher, a principal, a parent, or anyone with any sense to save her from making a fool out of herself?

Oakland Tribune Online - Local & Regional News: "'We felt that once a girl runs for king, it becomes a gender issue,' said teacher Mike Dwyer, co-adviser for Hayward High's Gay and Straight Alliance. 'As long as some people don't fit neat definitions of gender, there's going to be gender inequality, gender discrimination, sexism and heterosexism. "

Friday, November 07, 2003

Is this idea too religious and too radical for modern America? Thank God that the signers of the Declaration of Independence didn't think so. Would that we could be a sound as they!!

Chicago Tribune | Right to life is not about righteousness: "'This right to life cannot be granted by government,' the president said, 'because it does not come from government. It comes from the Creator of life.'"
The corruption of truth is in itself spiritual adultery. The Court is worse than the sexual perverts. - WNNE - Supreme Court: Gay Sex Not Adultery: "If a married woman has sex with another woman, is that adultery? The New Hampshire Supreme Court says no.
The court was asked to review a divorce case in which a husband accused his wife of adultery after she had a sexual relationship with another woman. Any finding that one spouse is at fault in the break-up of a marriage can change how the court divides the couple's property. "
We have looked the other way for years at the Anti-semitism and fasckism of the Islamic states. Allies of Hitler in WWII, they built Hitler style dictatorship in their own lands. A man can get removed from any serious consideration as a candidate for any public office in the US by making a mild statement that has a faint odor of anit-semitism, but we have counted as allies some of the most despicable of characters. I do not believe that the Jews are God's chosen people--the chosen are in Jesus Christ--but the average Jew is intelligent, moral, decent, law-abiding, and a lover of democracy. I am for Israel because they support America and liberty. The "Three: 59 per cent of Europeans think Israel is the biggest threat to world peace. Only 59 per cent? What’s wrong with the rest of you? But, hey, don’t worry. In Britain, it’s 60 per cent; Germany, 65 per cent; Austria, 69 per cent; the Netherlands, 74 per cent. The good news is that Israel won’t be a threat to world peace much longer, at least not if Iran’s nuclear programme carries on running rings around the International Atomic Energy Agency and the ayatollahs fulfil their pledge to solve the problem of the Zionist Entity once and for all. "
Finally!!Excite News: "WASHINGTON (AP) - Repudiating decades of U.S. policy, President Bush said Thursday the United States and its allies have been wrong in 'excusing and accommodating' a lack of freedom in the Middle East. He prodded Saudi Arabia and Egypt to lead Arab nations toward democracy."

Thursday, November 06, 2003

This is not politics. This is very close to treason and abuse of office. I just wonder how low the liberals will sink. New York Post Online Edition: postopinion: "How can the Bush administration trust that material given over to Roberts and then to the Democrats on the committee won't be manipulated for partisan gain?
"That is, how can Congress now exercise its constitutionally required oversight role on a matter of utmost national urgency? "
This is the reason that we have to get new judges. Modern theories of law are based on junk science and political philosophies. Having rejected God and natural law, decisions are made on whimsy, emotion, and political pressures. When we reject God, no attention is paid to transcendent law--law that does not originate in the history or experience of men, but in the revelation of God.Excite News: "In a ruling that could have coast-to-coast effect, a federal judge Thursday blocked the government's new ban on certain late-term abortions - the second court victory for abortion-rights advocates since President Bush signed the law."
Did you know that "double truth" is an honorable device that is everywhere used in academia and other lofty places? This is a good article from the National Association of Scholars Update. Requires Acrobat Reader

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Hey! what about the baby? Seems that the baby can lose. But what do murderers care about their victims? - News 4 Your Health - Federal Judge Blocks New Abortion Bill: "As Nebraska again takes center stage in the abortion debate, Carhart said he believes it's a fight for women's health.
'The state can't win. The doctors can't win. We can't lose. The only people who can win and lose are our patients.' "
The true picture of prosperity and dem-onomics.

OpinionJournal - Featured Article: " The taxman cometh, again and again. All nine of the candidates are proposing to raise taxes, the only difference being how much and on whom. Among the non-crank candidates, Dick Gephardt and Howard Dean are the bravest, or the most suicidal, depending on your politics. They're proposing to repeal every dime of the Bush tax cuts, regardless of income. "
Wooo Hooo!!! Another cash cow for lawyers? At least they games should be labelled, shouldn't they? "Dangerous for your health."

Excite - Computers and Internet: "Some evidence exists that games stimulate the same areas in the brain as alcohol and other drugs, psychologists, sociologists and others were told at the world's first interdisciplinary games conference here."
Good article. Now is the time, in order to get it over and done before next year's elections. Middle America will applaud, the French will wring their hands and dither in their latte, but history will approve.

New York Post Online Edition: postopinion: "November 5, 2003 -- WHILE our occupation of Iraq is going vastly better than the media suggests, there is certainly room for improvement. But doing a better job requires taking unpopular measures and weathering the inevitable criticism from those who, never having done anything themselves, always know better what everyone else should do."
Let's see now. What about certain news anchors? They lie all the time. Can we get rid of them? Inside Cover Story: "Little Tommy Daschle is mad that he'll have to pony up for Showtime to watch Viacom's attack on Ronald and Nancy Reagan."
You tell me if this computes. Why would you fire one of your best teachers over a dumb prank? But of course, we know that very good teachers are a dime a dozen in the public schools. But what does humanism know of mercy and forgiveness?

First-grade teacher charged in school bomb threat: "Schuette is on administrative leave until 'her situation is finalized legally,' Kelly said. He said if she is found guilty, she will be fired.

Police said administrators told them Schuette has won awards and was one of the best teachers in the school. "
The true measure of the Islamists.
Modern History Sourcebook: Ayatollah Khomeini: The Uprising of Khurdad 15, 1979: "How much you talk about the West, claiming that we must measure Islam in accordance with Western criteria! What an error! It was the mosques that created this Revolution, the mosques that brought this movement into being. The mihrab was a place not only for preaching, but also for war--war against both the devil within and the tyrannical powers without. So preserve your mosques, O people. Intellectuals, do not be Western-style intellectuals, imported intellectuals; do your share to preserve the mosques! "
Great men in the history of the church had a sense of mission. This did not necessarily make them happy. Martin Luther was not a happy man most of his life. He fought depression and discouragement and the devil.

But he realized that mission and happiness are not always compatible. The young men and women in Iraq today are not over there seeking happiness. They have a mission to accomplish that involves hard slogging and sacrifice. We applaud them and thank God for them.

If freedom is better than bondage to Imams and Ayatollahs, then we must ask ourselves, "How much is freedom worth?" Is it worth the price of the blood of our finest and best? Some do not think so. The American Chickens in the 1960's said, "Better red and dead," and succeeding in turning over Cambodia and South Vietnam to a bloodbath, for the question is not whether or not blood will be shed, but by whom and for what reason.

Our enemies today do not hesitate to shed blood, and if their goal of bringing down America succeeds, then a blood bath of unimaginable scope will take place in the streets and villages of America just as it did in the Middle East and Asia Minor in the 6th and 7th centuries under the conquest of those Christian lands by Islam. Do not be confused about this. The blood will be shed.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Well said, George Will.

The Limits of Inclusiveness: "In London in 1998, at the decennial meeting of Anglican primates, the mostly liberal American bishops arrived in a Kiplingesque mood, eager to tutor the "lesser breeds without the law" in advanced thinking about sexuality. But the bishops from Africa, Asia and Latin America--where, unlike in America, the Anglican Communion is growing--were having none of it."
This is a very good article on the nature of the filter that delivers the news to the American public.

New York Post Online Edition: postopinion: "You might think that an attack that killed 15 Americans and wounded hundreds more might inspire even the merest hint of anger on the part of those Americans whose job it is to write about it. Their articles might offer some perspective on how those seeking to kill Americans in Iraq are working for the restoration of one of the most barbaric regimes in world history. They'd ask the key question raised by such an attack: What is to be done to smoke out these barbarians?

"But that's not the central focus of the news coverage. Instead, the question that obsesses the media filters is: How much is this going to hurt George W. Bush?

"Both The New York Times and The Washington Post greeted the news of the attacks on the helicopter by framing the incident almost entirely in political terms. 'New Attack Intensifies Pressure on Bush' was the Post's headline. 'Public Doubt vs. Bush Vows' was the Times'."
So fires do not endanger wildlife habitat and old growth trees? Is Smoky Bear the villain after all? - Top Stories - Forest-Thinning Controversy Flares After Wildfires: "Environmental groups say no, calling the Forest Service a front for timber companies who only have logging interests in mind. They say cutting down or burning sections of forest endangers wildlife habitats and old growth trees. "
Ain't that ducky? CBS got caught with its PC pants down. It's like Sam Jones used to say, Somebody kicked the bucket over and found out that our candle had gone out and then we blamed the guy that kicked the bucket over.

DRUDGE REPORT 2003®: "Although the mini-series features impressive production values and acting performances, and although the producers have sources to verify each scene in the script, we believe it does not present a balanced portrayal of the Reagans for CBS and its audience. Subsequent edits that we considered did not address those concerns. "
These were the guys, if I remember correctly, who thought that Reagan was a cowboy, and that Bush was the wise old statesman. Well, maybe so, but if Bush policies had been followed by Reagan, there would have been no tax cuts, no prosperity, and no winning of the Cold War. It's the Eastern elite wing of the Republican Party that never gets it right--that loses by diplomacy what the cowboys win in the field. But maybe it will be different this time, and Dubya will be all right. - Bush I and Bush II - They Do It Half-Right: "Yet just as the elder Bush strayed from success on economic policy, so the younger Bush has veered from the tried-and-true on foreign policy. After 9/11, he correctly destroyed al-Qaida in Afghanistan. But then, grossly misreading the lessons of history - indeed, the lessons of his own father - he ruined alliances, created new enemies through reckless rhetoric and plunged into the dry quagmire of Iraq."
Solomon said: Proverbs 26:3 A whip for the horse, a bridle for the ass, and a rod for the fool‘s back.

You cannot persuade a fool, because he has no capacity for reason. You might as well reason with a horse or an ass. Islamists will not be reasoned out of their hatred for America any more than white supremists in Alabama could be reasoned out of their hatred for blacks. Because their hatred was not based in reason, but in emotion, it was impervious to reason. The emotion was fueled by years of nurture, hundreds of stories and anecdotes. Only new stories and anecdotes can change the emotion. Even scenes of blood and carnage will not change the emotion, but will re-enforce it.

The old South was changed by young white men who fought in WWII next to comrades who were black. It was changed by young white men and women who attended schools with blacks and became friends. It was changed by young Christian white men and women who worshipped together with blacks and attended evangelistic and mission meetings with blacks. Most of all, it was changed by black men and women who refused to hate, but loved their white neighbors, and repudiated the black radicals who wanted revenge and nursed their hatred.

The Civil Rights movement succeeded in America because it was rooted in a fundamental principle of justice: men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. There were blacks who realized that they could achieve dignity, not by debased their white neighbors, but by treating them as they wanted to be treated. This principle is greater than written constitutions, precedent law, and statutes. Jesus enunciated this principle when He insisted that ceremonies such as the Sabbath be observed in such a way that people be treated at least as well as an ox that fell into a ditch. People are more than oxen and should be treated accordingly. No ceremony, religious or otherwise, can trump this principle. How dare the Pharisees criticize Him for healing a man on the Sabbath Day! The dignity of man required healing, not leaving the man in misery because of some misplaced and corrupted idea that dignity requires the status quo. The dignity of the Iraqis required the removal of Saddam and the healing of the nation, just as the healing of Germany required the removal of Adolph. Victory in WW II was a proud and heroic achievement for America, who sang during that conflict, "Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition" becasue Americans have always been very practical people, and realized that praised the Lord required the passing of the ammunition.

If Europe still chaffs over the memory and brutality of the Nazis, wait until their Islamists extremeists among them gain ascendency. Even the Nazis didn't send little boys and girls on suicide missions. Remember that less than ten percent of the old Soviet Union were communists. A dedicated minority will always prevail over a majority that has no idea what it believes. But Christianity will revive in Europe in spite of the eulogies given for it.

Even though Christians have very often forgotten this principle and have brutalized others, yet it remains at the core of Christianity, because the Bible teaches that man is created in the image of God. Although it is often obscured by heresies such as evolution and political systems based upon evolution, when Christianity revives in the world and returns to its core values--as it always does because of the resurrection of Christ--the dignity of man is also restored. Liberty and freedom break forth again as the dawning light dissipates the darkness of the night. Because man is in the image of God, He finds himself in God alone. This is the strength and the glory of Christianity. We pray that such will be the case in our day.

It is this principle that must prevail in Iraq. Much, much more than winning an election is at stake in Iraq. If 9/11 did anything, we hope and pray that Americans will realize that we have from God a most precious and fragile gift: the right for every man to stand tall and free and be as holy before God as He chooses to be. If we lose these things, we will be very poor indeed, and the world will be darkened for many, many years.

New York Daily News - Ideas & Opinions - Editorials: Courage & sacrifice in war zone Iraq: "And so they are hellbent - and bent for hell they surely are - to prevent the U.S. from planting the seeds of a free society in Iraq. A flowering of human rights and equitably distributed oil income in the despotic deserts would put the lie to everything they stand for.

That's why, more than ever, the struggle in Iraq is greater than a contest over a single country. It is also why the entire nation of Iraq must now be recognized as a war zone, as dangerous as any battlefield and requiring stepped-up aggression and vigilance."

Monday, November 03, 2003

Justice Sandra Day O'Conner contends that future Supreme Court decisions will reflect International Law rather than the Contitution of the United States. Of course, if law doesn't mean anything, if covenant doesn't mean anything, then the Supreme Court can do whatever it wants, and French ideas will have more weight to a corrupt elite that principles derived from Christian ideas. But how can the church complain when it doesn't pay any attention to its own covenant document, the Bible, and leans more on human philosophies, socialogical theories, and junk science? The Bible doesn't put women in church office, sodomites as bishops; nor does it speak of Creation except in terms of six days and nights, "and the evening and the morning were the first day..." etc.

When our freedoms are put away and we live in an Islamic society, let us mourn that we were not faithful to the Scriptures, and gave ourselves to world law and stupid and unbelieving science.
This is not on the politicalfigs blog, because it is moral, not political. This is an attempt, successful so far because of the passivity of GWB to hijack the judciary and subvert the constitution. There needs to be an outcry from American citizens.

Armstrong Williams: Judge Brown and the new racism: "For 200 years the Senate carefully considered the professional track record of any judge nominated for the federal bench.
That changed three years ago when ranking Democrats decided to turn the Senate Judiciary Committee into their own personal meat grinder. Despite having nearly one hundred federal judgeships to fill, these Democrats resolved to torpedo most of President Bush's nominations. This partisan blood oath-as opposed to careful consideration of the Jurist's record-now decides who presides over our federal courts. "
Wheat and Chaff: "There's a great post over at the Belgravia Dispatch on France's efforts to undercut us pre-war. It's been clear to some that France hasn't been our friend for a long time (probably since the end of the Cold War). Now it's becoming clear to any who are willing to face truth."
20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
21 Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight! --Isaiah 5

American Christians need to realize that the plea for tolerance is just an excuse to soften up Christianity until control is seized, whether in state or in church. Then see where the "tolerance" for Christianty is!

Where is sodomite tolerance for Christians when they gain power? Where is Islamic tolerance for Christians where they are in power? Where is feminist tolerance for Christians when they are in power? hmmmmmmm.

David Frum's Diary on National Review Online: "Seven Canadian Anglican priests face discipline--possibly up to excommunication--for their views on same-sex marriage. They're against it. After years of demanding tolerance for dissenting views, the former dissenters once in power are apparently determined to ensure that debate ends: forever. "
More revelations of junk science about global warming.

Iain Murray on Global Warming on National Review Online: "Yet it will be interesting to see how far the proponents of strong action on climate change go to defend the data without addressing the fundamental question: Are the numbers as proposed by M&M right? If they are, then the climate debate will need to change. "
Yes, there were dropped balls in the war against terrorism, and most of them took place during the Clinton years.

Rich Lowry on Bill Clinton & Khobar Towers on National Review Online: "In this battle, it's useful to stick to specifics. Let's take, for instance, the Clinton administration's handling of the Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia in 1996. If Clinton was as vigilant against terrorism as he says — handing over a wondrous counterterrorism policy to an inept and inattentive Bush administration — it should be clear in cases like that of Khobar. Instead, as I write in my new book Legacy: Paying the Price for the Clinton Years, the Clinton administration deliberately looked the other way after the Khobar bombing and made a near-apology to the perpetrator of the attack."
The church of Knox, Cranmer, Ridley, Latimer, Usher, Scrivener, Ryle and so many others.....

American Family Association - AgapePress news: "Despite protests from conservatives in the Episcopal Church, Bishop Frank Griswold is expected to preside over this Sunday's consecration of Canon Vicki Gene Robinson, the first practicing homosexual to be consecrated bishop in a major U.S. denomination."
The Methodists could teach the Episcopal church somethng about obeying denominational and biblical laws. Of course, their shouldnt be women as bishops, but that's another story.

American Family Association - AgapePress news: "An attempt by the bishop to file charges with the church against Dammann -- charges that would have resulted in a church trial -- was blocked by juridical committees in the Pacific Northwest Conference and in the wider Western Jurisdiction when they refused to proceed. Last week's ruling by the Judicial Council directs those two subordinate committees to enforce the denomination's laws."
So if you have a plan, tell us what it is? Where was the plan that the democratic administration under Clinton that worked so effectively? But then, why tell the truth, when lying makes you feel so good?

Democrat 'metrosexuals' hard to believe: "So presumably Clark, Kerry and Edwards have a plan? You better believe it! Years ago, John Lennon and Paul McCartney said, 'There are always two things we do when we sit down and write a song. First we sit down. Then we write a song.' That's the Democratic plan for Iraq in a nutshell. Their big in-depth plan is to (a) sit down and (b) make a plan. The sitting-down part -- with the U.N., the French, the Guinean foreign minister, etc. -- could easily have gone on so long they'd never get around to (b)."


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