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Saturday, September 06, 2014

Meditation and Prayer on Psalm 146.

Meditation and Prayer on Psalm 146. 
For a Saturday Morning, or any other day.

September 6, 2014

Precious Heavenly Father, I confess that You have prepared our souls to praise You.
It is good to praise You in our souls, for You are a Spirit and are glorified with
spiritual worship. Unless worship proceeds from the soul of man, in spirit and in truth,
it is simply and idolatry engaged in by the body.

I was created and given life in order to glorify You with praises, for You alone are
worthy of such praises. You created me and gave me existence that does not come
from princes or the rich, for in You we all live and move and have our being. How
foolish to trust in such, for they are as empty as the chaff that is blown by the wind!

There is no help in the man. Man comes into the world; there is no light in him. He
brings nothing into the world, and only learns what he sees and hears as a natural

If he is worldly wise, he can learn much about the world for it is Your handiwork and
You have given him capacity to understand Your eternal power and godhead, but if he
does not seek You, his thought are vanity and idolatry, being only of the world, and
when breath goes from him, he returns to the dust and is forgotten. So are his hopes
and dreams and happiness, for his soul perishes in Your wrath and eternal punishment.

The man is happy that trusts in the Lord because You have made covenant with Your
people. Your promise cannot fail.

Your people have hope because of Your promise, and because it is Your promise, it
cannot fail. So their hope cannot fail. Not only is it Your promise, but it is sealed with
Your immutable oath, that the Lord Jesus is our priest forever after the order of

The God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob--the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ—is our God
and Your covenant with Your Son is our covenant, for we are children of the Promise
just as Isaac was.

O precious Father, You have power to keep Your Promise, because You are the True
and living God that made the earth and the heavens. You guard and treasure up the
truth and keeps it forever and ever.

You remembers all the promises that You made to Your people. None of them shall
fail. It is not vain to trust in the Lord.

You are the true keeper of the oppressed, the hungry. You save the slave, the needy the
blind. You raise them up and preserve those that trust in You, for it is only those who
believe who have access to Your Promises.  

You save strangers and widows.

Jehovah is the true and living God, the Father of Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus is the Word
who was made flesh. He hears the blasphemy of the ungodly and faithless. He turns
their way upside down.

God reigns forever and ever. He is the God of those who trust in Christ the Lord. Jesus
Christ sits upon the throne of David in Zion forever. His promises are to a thousand
generations, even forever.


Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Meditation and Prayer for a Tuesday Morning. Psalm 147:7-15

Psalm 147:7-15

Our Heavenly Father, our hearts sing of Your mercy and truth. You have tuned them to
thanksgiving and we praise You with our whole being, for our souls are Your musical
instruments for Your glory.
You have sent the clouds and the rain to water the earth, to make the grass grow and to
provide food for all the birds and the animals that You have created and care for.
You take no delight in our natural strength or all the power of the universe, for all
power comes from You. You have pleasure in those who fear You, who hope in Jesus
Christ for mercy and strength. 
It is the gospel which is the power of God unto salvation to all those who believe and
we hope only in Christ, whom You have appointed to be the Savior of men through
faith in His blood.
We praise You in Your church, dear Heavenly Father, for that is Your will and
appointment. We gather in obedience and submit one to another, to care for one
another and to seek Your glory in the church. 
Thy church is the pillar and ground of the truth and You have made her strong behind
her gates and bars. You protect her from the wickedness of the world through her
appointed officers and ministers and we thank You for them. 
Your children are blessed within thy church for You have promised to dwell with us
and be our God and we are Your people.
You have given us the finest of care and have nourished us in the word of God, better
than our daily food. 
You have given us peace so we can grow and flourish in Your courts--in your church.
Your word runs swiftly to accomplish all Your holy will. Blessed be Your name
forever and ever.


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