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Saturday, September 04, 2004

The Moscow Times
The Russian government is irritated, and rightly so, by the arrogance of the European Union, through Dutch Foreign Minister Bernard Bot. The Netherlands holds the current rotating presidency in the EU. Bot has "demanded" an explanation from Russia for the death of the hostages, why "so many" people were killed. The Moscow Times reports:

Konstantin Kosachyov, head of the Duma international affairs committee, told Interfax he was receiving a tremendous number of messages of condolence with the Russians over the Beslan crisis.

"Against this background, the demand of the European Community Commission:that our country make a report to the European Union on the causes of the terrorist act in the North Caucasus and the large number of fatalities has obviously sounded out of tune," Kosachyov said.

He called the demand "inappropriate in tone, illogical in substance, and an insult to those who have been affected by the terrible tragedy in southern Russia."

"If there is anyone who can be expected to make a report, it is primarily the countries that allow Chechen separatists to open their missions on their territory and grant asylum to leaders of those separatists," he said.

Sounds like the Bush doctrine to me. The European Union [dominated by France] is arrogant, myopic, and dangerous. The US should renounce it. New anti-terrorist alliances need to be formed. [See last entry]
: "BESLAN. Sept 4 (Interfax) - The Beslan hostage crisis death toll has been revised upward to 330, Lev Dzugayev, head of the information and analysis department of the North Ossetian president's executive office, said on Saturday evening.
He confirmed that 448 people remained in North Ossetian hospitals and that 69 of them were in critical condition"
Without any joy--for who but monsters could find any joy in this despicable act of terror?--this writer hopes that this will change the Russian attitude toward those who harbor terrorism and spout their hatred for others, as Saddam Hussein and some other nations of the world, such as Iran and North Korea. There needs to be a realignment of treaties, for we can no longer enter into collective security agreements with those nations, like France, who are unwilling to spend money for military forces or are unwilling to commit them because they fear repercussions at home from unassimilated immigrants. We need to forget Nato and the United Nations--after all, they are the spawn of America and would not have come into existence without us--and build new organizations of the able and the willing--those able to build armies, no matter how small--and those willing to commit their military force to fight terrorist regimes in any part of the world.

The Bible speaks of the men of Belial, utterly worthless men, psychopatic people and societies, who are so brutish that they delight in slaughter and blood. Of them King David wrote, "But the sons of Belial shall be all of them as thorns thrust away, because they cannot be taken with hands: But the man that shall touch them must be fenced with iron and the staff of a spear; and they shall be utterly burned with fire in the same place." [2 Samuel 23:6,7] This author realizes that this goes against the fundamental premise of humanism, that all men have equal value. But this ignores the truth that men have value only in terms of their choices, not in terms of their existence. Only a madman would say that Hitler was of the same value to the world as William Shakespeare. A man that is devoted to murder, to ruin, to blood and slaughter makes himself a negative, and is worthy only of destruction. Any nation that does not realize this will soon be ruled by such men and they themselves will become nations of Belial, ruled by the most worthless of men, who spread havoc and misery everywhere.

The world is always at war with Moloch men, or sons of Belial. The world has no choice in this, because the sons of Belial are always at war with the world, whether the world understands it or not. Jesus said of such men, "Ye generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?" Jesus wept over Jerusalem, but He was no humanist. He could tell the difference between a hawk and a handsaw.
Just wondering. How come it was a terrible and hateful thing when Republicans accused Bill Clinton of avoiding the military and it is a patriotic thing for the Democrats to accuse Bush and Cheney of the same thing?

Have you noticed that the talking heads this week on the major news channels were free 527's for the Democrats. After every speech, they would give the Democratic rebuttal, down-the-line talking points as if they had received thrm directly from the DNC. Hey, you don't suppose... Nah, that couldn't be. Could it?

Friday, September 03, 2004

IHT: Frank Rich: A dog fight for the presidency: "Only in an election year ruled by fiction could a sissy who used Daddy's connections to escape Vietnam turn an actual war hero into a girlie-man."
Is there any doubt that the New York Times gets its talking points from the Kerry Campaign? Hey, Rich, what about John Edwards? He hasn't served. Is he a trial lawyer sissy, too?

But what is truth, if you are carrying water for Kerry? The Democrats are suffering terribly from Clintonisn, the last and fatal stage of a disease known as McGovernism which was caught by the party in 1972. The disease almost killed the party in a critical stage known as Carterism, but the last stages of the disease fills those affected with such hatred and disregard for the truth that the end is in paranoia and self-destruction.

Thursday, September 02, 2004 Inside Cover Story: "The singer, who is noting his 50th year in show business, did not back away from his earlier charge in a TV interview that he thought CBS had committed an act of treason in releasing the photos of the prisoner scandal in Iraq.
'That information was used to kill our people in a time of war,' he charged. 'You can't call it anything but treason. But they call it freedom of the press.'"
Good for Pat Boone. It would have been called treason in any other time in American history, but now the big print and big tv media are fully in bed with the anti-American cabal and think of themselves above the law. They decide what they will air and what they will not air, and only God can question their decision, and they don't believe in God, so that leaves them free, they think.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

New York Daily News - Politics - Furious Kerry orders staff shakeup: "Sen. John Kerry is angry at the way his campaign has botched the attacks from the Swift boat veterans and has ordered a staff shakeup that will put former Clinton aides in top positions."
It's the campaign's fault. Of course, Kerry's wig-wobbling hasn't helped them. And then, his campaign managers didn't throw his ribbons away, nor did they slander the American military, nor have they spent years in the Senate voting against the military, to raise taxes, to expand the government, and to destroy our intelligence community. How is his campaign to make all that smell good?
The Pelican File - Reporter - NEDRA PICKLER
If you doubt that the Associated Press is a publicist for the Kerry Campaign, just look at these articles from the pelicanfile.
My Way - News: "A heavily armed gang seized at least 120 hostages at a Russian school near Chechnya on Wednesday and threatened to kill 50 children for every one of their group who was killed, a senior local official said."
I suppose this is Bush's fault, too. Is there anyone, other than Michael Moore, who does not understand what we are up against. Could it happen in America? But it wouldn't be worse than the tyranny of John Ashcroft, could it? What will it take for liberals to see the light?

Maybe we should send a delegation of public school children to Russia to give the terrorists hugs and kisses. That ought to do it.

I think the Russians will send in the Special Services. They seem to think more clearly about things at home than they do about Iraq. But their minds were tainted by huge amounts of money from the Oil for Food program, hyjacked by the United Nations.
The Seattle Times: Opinion: Anti-Kerry smear campaign serves its devious purpose: "Democrats were virtually forced to nominate a war hero to counter the strutting self-assurance of the commander in chief. The war hero was then virtually forced to pledge more soldiers, more weapons, more security. "
Devious purpose? Strutting self-assurance? The Democratic Party a victim? This guy is good. Manages to get the all the liberal whines into one paragraph. Conspiracy, Arrogance, and Victimization. McCay is great!

Floyd McCay makes a great case for Bush. I guess if leadership is getting your opponents to march to your tune when they hate the march, then Bush wins in spades. Poor Kerry. He is stumbling along behind the pack, hoping someone will notice him, feel sorry, and make him the leader of the game. He is like the little boy who holds up his scratched finger, hoping the big boys will notice, while the game goes on all around him.

McCay denigrates those true war heroes who question Kerry's scratches and purple hearts. I think it is more honorable to join the National Guard than to fake injuries to get three purple hearts so as to get out of the service. But that is tolerable. What is not tolerable are the Kerry and Fonda lies that fueled the hate that some Americans had for Viet Nam veterans. I have a neighbor who remembers as a little girl walking down the street with her uniformed daddy, newly home from Viet Nam after 13 months of service, and having people yell "baby killer," "m***** f*****" and other delicacies. Yea, they really loved the children, and Kerry really loved America, and possums are good food. That war was lost on the streets of America, not in the jungles of Viet Nam. Kerry and Fonda were propagandists responsible for raising the spirits of communist gangsters to keep fighting for a cause that was already being lost on the world stage, but would survive for a time as a worm eating through the carcasses of the people of Vietnam. A great deal of blood is on the hands of John Kerry, and trotting out a few questionable medals will not wash it away. Because of the treason of Kerry and Fonda, we lost the war in Viet Nam, but we won the Cold War because of "devious purposes," "strutting self-assurance," and by making Gorby a victim. Not bad.

But guys like McCay have not repented and cleansed their souls, so they try to prop up a hollow man like Kerry to try to find some cover for their own empty souls. They were bums in the sixties and seventies, and they are still bums now, flaying away at their old ghosts: EVIL corporations, EVIL rich people, EVIL republicans, EVIL America, EVIL white people, EVIL males. They have no joy, no zest for life, wrapped in their own bitterness and contempt. How they must have cringed when they heard Arnold credit his conversion to Americanism to Richard Nixon. Can you hear the wail of Cain, "My punishment is more than I can bear."

It is a shame when the price for telling the truth and acting on principle is labeled "devious purpose," "strutting self-assurance," and victimization. On the other hand, that has always been the price for telling the truth, hasn't it? Maybe that is why you hear so little of it. Reporters and Editors are not paid for telling the truth; they are paid for false witness and lying spin. Journalism is a fancy word for breaking the 9th Commandment. That's why so many journalists are liberals. They have a natural affinity for lying and deceit. Some are paid to lie and others are paid to teach others to lie.

But what can you expect from the Seattle Media? Seattle gave us girly men coffee, if I remember. Going further back, Seattle was built and gained riches through the raping of Alaska. Hmmmm. Should they give it back? the money, I mean. There's a topic for some journalist who wants to tell the truth. But then, there are more rewards, positions, honors, and advancement for lying for the right people. If you are really good at it, you will get a Pulitzer.


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