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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Excite News - AP: Sexual Misconduct Plagues US Schools

Excite News - AP: Sexual Misconduct Plagues US Schools: "Lindsey's case is just a small example of a widespread problem in American schools: sexual misconduct by the very teachers who are supposed to be nurturing the nation's children."

Statists should abandon their sanctimonious hand-wringing over the sexual misconduct of priests in the Roman church. The misuse of the religious offices of the Roman church is equaled by the misuse of the religious offices of the established church of America, the public school system.

Don't think that public education is not a religious system. It has it theory of origins (evolution), its ultimate authority (experience0, an epistemology (scientific method), its fideism (blind faith in evolution), its licensed priesthood with tenure, its sacraments of condoms and abortion, its Inquisition to silence opposition, and its theory of salvation (self-esteem and suppression of guilt).

What on earth do you expect from a teaching staff that was trained in the licentious atmosphere of public universities staffed by tenured professors and professorettes who grew up in the free love, let it all hang out, spirit of the sixties and seventies. They go to churches that denounce the "old" theology and worship, and insist on feel-good worship, happyhappyhappy religion, and don't-get-in-my-face religious assurance. Sexual indulgence cannot be turned on and off like a light-switch. An undisciplined student who fornicated his/her way through teacher training will not likely curb the passions in the junior high or senior high school. Who are you kidding?

But we won't change a bit, because it would disrupt my own carefree lifestyle. We will flood the Internet with pornography and bring it into our homes by cable and wireless channels.

But then, we are not the first generation who sacrificed our children on the altars of our false gods. After all, everyone must find his own way, right? Let the kids beware of these priest and priestesses of the public school establishment.


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