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Monday, January 13, 2014

New Geneva and Missions

New Geneva Seminary's focus is teaching servants of Christ for a lifetime of ministry.
We do this teaching primarily on our campus in Colorado Springs. However, over the
years New Geneva has fulfilled this purpose in other places, extending the reach of the

In 2002, New Geneva opened an extension in Fredericksburg, VA, meeting at the New
Life in Christ Presbyterian Church. The pastor, Dr. Doug Kittredge, is the Dean. There
are about 12 students there and we have had two graduations services.

New Geneva also has an extension in Israel. Dr. Kittredge had been connecting with
pastors and churches in Israel for many years, and they asked if we could provide
theological education there. New Geneva began in Tel Aviv with the Masters in
Christian Ministry, where we graduated one class; presently we are located in Haifa,
where we have also graduated one class.

New Geneva has also started an extension in Egypt, partnering with Equipping Pastors
International and the Nasr City Presbyterian Church. PCA minister Rev. Jim Fitzgerald
had been working for a number of years to equip church leaders and asked New
Geneva to join him by offering the Masters of Christian Ministry curriculum there. The
inaugural classes were held in March2013.

New Geneva was also asked to begin an extension in the Hyderabad region of India.
Mr. Will Perkins introduced Dr. A. J. Krishna to Dr. Aquila a number of years ago;
this resulted in A. J. asking us to consider offering the same Masters curriculum in
India. Dr. Aquila and Mr. Perkins visited India in August 2013, presenting the first
series of lectures.

In each of these international extensions, we ask qualified instructors from the US to
teach. They raise their own support to cover their expenses, with New Geneva
providing administrative support.

We have also recently added an online extension to our course offerings, after
receiving repeated requests from prospective students who were not able to physically
move to Colorado Springs. We are now in the process of video and audio recording our
classes for online use and have begun four online courses, with students from
Nebraska, Baltimore, and China. In developing our online program, the challenge has
been to retain a sense of community in which students can interact with their
professors and fellow students.

We have sought to accomplish this through live, online conferences with professors,
online forums with fellow students, and mentoring by local pastors. We still believe
that our main focus is what we do in Colorado Springs, but we believe that these open
doors are great opportunities to equip and teach servants of Christ for a lifetime of
ministry here and around the world.

There are startup and administrative costs associated with these extensions and online

If you would like to support these efforts you can designate your gift to New Geneva to
fund these programs. We will be glad to discuss any or all of these programs with you;
call the office to schedule an appointment. New Geneva Theological Seminary,
Colorado Springs, Co. 719-573-5395


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