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Saturday, January 24, 2004

Two more down and still counting. More bad news for the libs. - Top Stories - Suspected Al Qaeda Operatives Nabbed in Iraq: "Husam al-Yemeni was arrested by U.S. forces last Thursday and is said to be part of the leadership structure of Ansar al-Islam (search), the Al Qaeda-associated terrorist group based in Iraqi Kurdistan. Some U.S. officials described al-Yemeni as the first Al Qaeda operative captured in Iraq.
Another possible Al Qaeda operative, Hasan Ghul, was detained Thursday in Iraq. Ghul, a Pakistani, is known to have been an Al Qaeda member since the early 1990s, when Al Qaeda was established. "
World Page

"The Al Qaida of the 9/11 period is under catastrophic stress," State Department counter-terrorism coordinator Cofer Black said. "They are being hunted down, their days are numbered."

Black's assertion, made in an interview with the London-based British Broadcasting Corp. on Thursday, is based on U.S. intelligence community estimates that about 70 percent of Al Qaida has been neutralized, officials said.

Saudi officials agreed with the U.S. assessment and said the kingdom has made significant gains against Al Qaida, Middle East Newsline reported. They said Al Qaida leaders have been arrested and training camps have been discovered.

Bad news for Democrats. They wish for bad news, because the only hope they have for the election is for disaster to happen to America. What an awful political position to be in, to have to pray for bad things to happen to your country so you can have good things happen to you.
Cherie [Blair] said Bush 'stole' power and tackled him on executions: "TONY BLAIR has been embarrassed by his wife's displays of open animosity towards President Bush, according to a forthcoming biography of the Prime Minister.

"Cherie Blair is said to have made no secret of her conviction that Mr Bush 'stole' the presidential election, and picked an argument with him over the death penalty during a private dinner. "

These poor benighted European elitists just cannot understand the rule of law. Europeans conceive of democracy as a benefit that the elite confer upon the lesser people, not as a right that arises from the priesthood of the believer. Hence, everything is accomplished by conspiracy or coup. They just don't get America and can't get it.
WorldNetDaily: South Dakota legislation challenges Roe v. Wade: "A South Dakota legislator is hoping his bill outlawing nearly all abortions in the state will be the catalyst for overturning the landmark Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade, which was handed down exactly 31 years ago.
Rep. Matt McCaulley introduced the bill, House Bill 1191, today. It makes abortion a crime unless it is necessary to save the life of the mother, explained the Thomas More Law Center, which helped in drafting the legislation.
According to a statement form the center, the bill already has the support of a majority of members of both the state House and Senate. It was designed to 'directly confront' Roe v. Wade, which overturned laws against abortion in all 50 states. "

We need to pray about this one.

Thursday, January 22, 2004 : Howard and Judy Dean Discuss Anger Issue: "'I'm a Human Being.' Howard and Judy Dean on Their Marriage, His Supposed Temper, and That Yell"

Let's see, now. I do not think that anyone has accused Howard Dean of NOT being a human being. That seems to be self-evident. That, unfortunately for the Dr. Governor, is not the only requirement for being President. Rush Limbaugh is a human being; Jerry Falwell is a human being; Saddam Hussein is a human being; Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, Martha Stewart, and Oprah Winfrey are human beings; Bud Powell is a human being. Neither I nor my wife would vote for any of them to be President of the United States.

This is obvious: we want an extraordinary human being with commitment to the American Constitution, history and values, self-control, wisdom, compassion and patience, experience, dignity, and decency to be president of the United States. Being a human being is not an excuse for bad behavior.
The Mercury News: "As in the guy who'll have his finger on the button. As in the guy who will decide how much of your paycheck you get to keep. As in what does Tom Brady know about any of that?"

DRUDGE REPORT 2004�: "In a page titled 'seniors,' Edwards takes a stand on the controversial issue, declaring how he 'strongly opposes recent efforts to privatize Social Security, which would jeopardize benefits by risking our Social Security funds in the stock market.'

"But before he decided he was going to seek the Democratic presidential nomination, the DRUDGE REPORT can reveal, Edwards supported investing Social Security funds in the stock market!

"Edwards's presidential campaign theme is 'There Are Two Americas.'

"But now, the question must be asked, are there two John Edwards? "

Marvin Olasky: Teach the Ten Commandments: "In 'Braveheart,' when evil men slit the throat of William Wallace's wife, it's clearly time to fight. In 'The Lord of the Rings,' when orcs attack Gondor and Rohan, it's clearly time to fight. But when federal courts overreach, we need to see whether war is required, or whether decisions provide an opening.
Americans during the past few months have disagreed about the wisdom of Judge Roy Moore's placing of a Ten Commandments monument in a manner that virtually assured rejection by federal courts. His critics say he was cruising for a bruising, but his defenders say he was standing for what is right in saying NO to an out-of-control federal judiciary. The defenders say it really did not matter what he said, since federal judges are imperialistic. "
CBS 4 Denver: Web Site Gathers Complaints About CU Professors: "Most faculty and many Democrats deny liberal indoctrination exists on campuses.

'I'm shocked the students would resort to this,' said Barbara Bintliff, a CU law school professor and chairwoman of the Boulder Faculty Assembly.

'I'm concerned they may wind up with a blacklist or engage in an attempt to censure certain professors.'"

Of course she is "shocked." Liberal professors want students who will follow like sheep--like they did their liberal advisors in the sixties.
ScienceDaily News Release: Obesity Costs States Billions In Medical Expenses: '�Obesity has become a crucial health problem for our nation, and these findings show that the medical costs alone reflect the significance of the challenge,' said HHS Secretary Tommy G. Thompson. 'Of course the ultimate cost to Americans is measured in chronic disease and early death. We must take responsibility both as individuals and working together to reduce the health toll associated with obesity.'"

O dear! O dear! O dear! These incessant liberal meddlers in other peoples' business want everybody to be as nervous, skinny, obsessed, stingy and unhappy as they are. Now that government is paying more and more for health care, it becomes more and more the business of government workers [mostly liberal meddlers] to stick their noses into everyone's life, to make sure they are eating healthy food--whatever that means at any particular time. Before Atkins, hotcakes with no butter or bacon or eggs or cream in the coffee, but plenty of syrup and orange juice, was a good and healthy breakfast. Now we ditch the orange juice, the hotcakes, and the syrup, and eat the eggs, the bacon, and the butter.

Who can we sue?
Cold Facts on Global Warming: "We continue to hear that 'the science is settled' in the global warming debate, that we know enough to take significant action to counter it. Those who hold this view believe emissions of carbon dioxide are the primary cause of any change in global temperature and inevitably will lead to serious environmental harm in the decades ahead."

The former Secretary of Energy for President Carter makes some real sense on "Global Warming." Austin Bay: "North Korea calls its latest negotiating gambit 'the order of simultaneous action.' Pyongyang will 'renounce nuclear intentions' if Washington resumes food aid. The United States must also provide 'written security assurances.' This is still 'pay us, then we behave.'

"The schtick is no longer working quite as slick as it once did. Saddam's collapse is one reason - post 9-11 America is in the regime change business. That fact certainly spurred Libya's nuclear fold. Stories circulate that Kim believes missile-armed American Predator unmanned aerial vehicles are stalking him. If Kim casts a wary eye to the sky, that may promote flexibility, as the diplomats say."

Nuclear Blackmail, as they used to call it. The old gangsters called it the "Protection Racket." If you pay us, we will protect your business. If you don't pay us, bad things will happen to you. It took courage to defeat the gangsters, but until people stood up to them, the racket simply expanded.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

WorldNetDaily: CRACKED by UnCle|FuzKe: "Everyone knew the decision in Roe v. Wade was a joke. The decision hinged on the convenient notion of 'privacy,' which, oddly enough, still fails to protect my right to manufacture methamphetamine, saw off shotgun barrels or euthanize the elderly, privately or otherwise. Even Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz has said the decision was wrong. "

Reuters | Latest Financial News / Full News Coverage "British use of cluster bombs in the Iraq war could count as a war crime and justifies further investigation by the International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor in the Hague, a group of international lawyers say."

Cluster bombs a war crime? What about Islamic clerics calling down the wrath of Allah? Wouldn't that be unfair and cruel? "Lawful" weapons have been a subject of debate ever since Hercules dipped his arrows in the poisoned blood of the Hydra. Some of the ancients thought that the use of arrows were cowardly because a RealMan would look into the eyes of his opponent and dispatch him with an honorable weapon like a dagger or a sword.

Even left-handed people were not completely honorable, and it was "sinister" [from the Latin for "left"] to strike with a dagger in the left hand.

But to attack from the distance with bow and arrow was cowardly, to the honorable warrior. How much more despicable was it to use chemical weapons, like poisoned arrows or poisoned water supplies. They even used biological weapons, catapulting the bodies of plague victims into besieged cities.

But just like negative ads in political campaigns, they will continue to be used, simply because they work.

Moral: Dear President Bush. It is unnecessary to defend yourself concerning Iraq. Too much was made of WMD's from the beginning. The UN, Bill Clinton, and a great many other said he had them, and he wouldn't let inspectors do their work. That is enough. Besides, Saddam was an international criminal and a thoroughly bad guy. We don't have to kill them all the bad guys, but we have to kill one once in a while, or we get no respect. That is simple. Every American, except those who have spent much too much time in coastal elite colleges, will understand that.
Excite - News: "'We demand elections or we will bury every American here,' said one Shi'ite cleric, Sattar Jabbar."

Nice guys.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

What You Don't Know About John Kerry: "What You Don't Know About John Kerry
Chuck Noe,
Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2004

With his win in Iowa, Sen. John Kerry could be on his way to the White House. But most Americans are unaware of the real Kerry.

Here are facts and quotations that reveal the character of the new Democrat leader.

Denouncing America with "Hanoi" Jane: Although Wesley Clark and others have attacked former front-runner Howard Dean as a draft-dodging ski bum, Kerry is far more complex than the simple war hero he portrays himself as.

He became a celebrated organizer for one of America's most extreme appeasement groups, Vietnam Veterans Against the War. He consorted with the likes of "Hanoi" Jane Fonda and Ramsey Clark, Lyndon Johnson's radical former attorney general.

He attended a seminar bankrolled by Fonda in Detroit in February 1971. Watching 125 self-proclaimed Vietnam veterans testify at a Howard Johnson's about atrocities allegedly committed by U.S. forces, the man who would be president later said he found the accounts shocking and irrefutable.

Dubbed "The Winter Soldier Investigation," the protest attracted minimal media attention, according to the Los Angeles Times, because
Fonda insisted it be held in the remote Michigan city rather than the less "authentic" Washington, D.C.

Still, the event gave Kerry an idea for a protest that was sure to be a media smash, and he immediately set out to organize one of the most confrontational protests of the war.

Operation Dewey Canyon III began on April 18, 1971, when nearly 1,000 Vietnam veterans and people claiming to be veterans gathered on Washington's Mall for what they called "a limited incursion into the country of Congress."

The group staged mock firefights on the steps of the Capitol and Supreme C"
Charen, Mona: Useful Idiots: "Who won the Cold War? Though it seems absurd even to ask the question, many liberals are now attempting to rewrite history by claiming that they were no less opposed to Communism than conservatives -- and even more instrumental in defeating it. But in Useful Idiots, conservative commentator Mona Charen gives the lie to such nonsense -- and shows how countless liberals in politics, the media and academia who served as unwitting dupes, or willing defenders, of murderous Communist regimes. 'Though American liberals have staunchly proclaimed their anticommunism in the decade or so since the hammer and sickle were consigned to the 'ash heap of history,'' writes Charen, 'things were very different when the red flag flew over the Kremlin.'"

Dennis Prager: Why Democrats use the F-word: "If you are a Democrat and it troubles you that General Clark is proud to have Madonna's endorsement, that celebrates by having a curse-in, and Senator Kerry uses the f-word in a magazine interview, you might want to reconsider your party affiliation. The Democratic Party has earned a reputation as a poor defender of our civilization against external threats. In fact, it has become a poor defender of our civilization. Period."

Some good sense from my favorite Jew.
Mike S. Adams: Did you say you want a revolution?: "Back in the 1960s, there was a revolution on our nation's college campuses. Liberal students were organizing protests outside buildings, and even sit-ins inside the offices of deans and college presidents. But, since then, many of these radical students have become college professors. And some of those professors are now college administrators. Now, they've decided that they are no longer in favor of protests and sit-ins. And, lately, they've been confronted with some problems."

My favorite college professor has a solution to the imbalance between liberal and conservative speakers at our universities.
New York Post Online Edition: postopinion: "January 20, 2004 -- FOR a week now, sober and serious analysts of government spending have been screaming and yelling about George Bush's proposal to return men to the moon by 2015 and for manned exploration of Mars by 2030. You'll hear a lot of talk about it tonight in the State of the Union Address, followed by all kinds of questions and complaints.
How can we afford it? Why should we be spending money on this stuff when there are pressing needs here on Earth? Whatever happened to the fiscal responsibility of the Republican Party?
The only proper response to this terribly earnest analysis is: Oh, relax. The Bush space proposal is nothing more than classic State-of-the-Union vaporware."

What a great term: "Vaporware." Everybody ought to have some. "A man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?" --Browning.
Wheat and Chaff: "It seems to me that one thing that weakens the social conservatives' viewpoint to a considerable degree (and I am one, BTW), is that religion is just too involved in their presentation of issues. Now before anyone blows a gasket, note that I said it's too involved in the presentation of issues, not the formulation of issues. Religion has a great deal to do with the source of everyone's viewpoints, but if the religious language is the only way one knows how to communicate that viewpoint, then one will be relegated to preaching to the choir, and nobody else will care what one has to say."

Check out Matt Powell's excellent blogsite. - Top Stories - Shiites Demand Saddam Hussein's Execution: "Thousands of Shiite Muslims marched through Baghdad on Tuesday clamoring for Saddam Hussein's execution in the latest show of strength by people oppressed for decades by the former dictator"

Just shows how far this nation has to go to become civilized. Civilized nations have trials and evidence; the mob doesn't decide.

For your information. This article gives the reason why there was no serious war against Al Qaeda before 9/11. Do we want to put the liberals back in control of the war on terrorism?

Monday, January 19, 2004

Excite - News: "The United Nations appeared likely to accept a request from Iraqi leaders and the United States on Monday to send a mission to Baghdad that might help resolve an impasse on electing an interim government by July."

Leadership does not consist in finding out what everyone wants to do and then helping them do it. Leadership is knowing what is right to do and persuading or pushing people to do what they must do. Bush is a leader, unlike the infants who would meekly cowtow to the foolishness of the UN.

If Fifty Million people say a stupid thing; it is still a stupid thing. [Especially if the French are part of the Fifty Million.]
Excite News: "Sheik Ahmed Yassin told reporters in Gaza there had not been a need in the past for women to carry out bombings. Now, he said, women must step up and fulfill their 'obligations.' He suggested male bombers were increasingly being held back by Israeli security measures."

We have to respect these people? It is good religion to pretend to have respect for such monsters?
This is a thoughtful and provocative article. Give credit where credit is due, but I would worry that BC is too self-serving. But who knows? Could it be that his delicate political sense might see that there is something much bigger here than political points to be made? Would this at last be his legacy that has so far eluded him?

New York Post Online Edition: postopinion: " I NEVER thought I'd give Bill Clinton a standing ovation. But last week in Qatar I did just that.
Our former president gave the most perfectly pitched, precisely targeted speech I've ever heard to a hall filled with Muslim intellectuals and officials. And they listened"
Excite News: "Tens of thousands of Shiite Muslims marched peacefully in Baghdad on Monday to demand an elected government, as U.S. and Iraqi officials prepared to seek U.N. endorsement of American plans for transferring power in Iraq."

Let's see now. If they don't behave, we could let them have Saddam back. There is no question that he had an Iraqi government.

Do you remember when the Sunnis were good and the Shiites were bad? That was when the Shiite government of Iran held our hostages [remember Jimmy Carter]. Now the Sunnis are evil and the Shiites are good. Or maybe they are both evil. Hmmmm. Makes your politically correct attennae whirl, doesn't it?
Suzanne Fields: The witless challenge the wits: "Conservatives have been winning the culture war because the soldiers of the left are firing mostly blanks. Comedian Dennis Miller, who's getting a new talk show on CNBC, tells why he slid to the right. 'Well, can you blame me?' he asks the New York Times. 'One of the biggest malfeasances of the left right now is the mislabeling of (Bush as) Hitler.'
Mocking the horrors of the Holocaust has become a cottage industry in the dark corners of the anti-Semitic world, but who could have believed that in 60 years references to the Nazis would be played for laughs. An anti-Bush Web site parodies Time magazine's Person of the Year, pasting a swastika on the arm of an American soldier."

The average American knows stupidity when he sees it. The liberal elite may despise "flyover" country, but the "flyover" people listen to Rush, vote for Bush, and don't think either of them is Hitler. They didn't go to elite coastal colleges and universities to be brainwashed out of common sense. They also know the difference between weakness [addiction to prescription pain medicine] and evil [rape and child molestation]. They live with and tolerate the first; they abhor the second. They also know that McDonalds is not the cause of their overweight, and they don't sue if they are stupid enough to spill hot coffee on themselves. They will never be convinced that killing millions of people is a legitimate way to achieve a political agenda, but they have always sent the best of their children to defend liberty, even at the cost of hundreds of thousands.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Read Matthew Powell's blog for Thursday, and tell me all religions are the same. Wheatandchaff


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