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Saturday, September 13, 2008

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why They Hate Her.

"The simple fact of her being a pro-life married mother of five with a thriving political career was--before anything else about her was known--enough for the left and its outliers to target her for destruction. She could not be allowed to contradict symbolically one of the central narratives of the left. How galling it will be to Sarah Palin's many new enemies if she survives this assault and prevails. If she does, her success may be an important moment in the struggle to shape not just America's politics but its culture." from the Weekly Standard


Read this article. I have said for a long time that the major issues of our day all have a sexual component. The roots are the the rise of the spirit of anarchy in the French Revolution at the end of the 18th century. Chesterton said that the greatest peril in the future would be from the super rich elite who would insist upon the privilege of engaging in any kind of sexual behavior and practice, no matter how perverse, without experiencing any evil consequences. The destruction of the family would be central to the realization of these goals, for young boys and young girls must be available for the indulgence of the passions of the reprobate.

There are new posts at Political Figs.
RealClearPolitics - Articles - Palin Doesn't Matter, Numbers Do: "The Sarah Palin 'boom' that has so traumatized Democrats and intimidated the press will have little if any impact on the presidential election. People don't vote for vice presidents, they vote for presidents. This race is about John McCain and Barack Obama not Annie Oakley from Wasilla, Alaska. It is also about turnout numbers and the electoral demographics in 2008 which overwhelm any impact Sarah Palin might have on the election outcome."

You remember Bob Beckel, don't you? Of course you don't. He was the architect of the wildly successful Mondale campaign against Ronald Reagan back in 1984. Mondale and Ferarro overwhelmed the electorate by winning the electoral votes of D.C. and Minnesota. I hope the Obama people take his observations seriously. They still don't get the Palin phenomenon. Annie Oakley indeed. Once an Eastern effete snob, always an Eastern effete snob. If anyone actually reads his article, it ought to provide a few extra votes for the McCain/Palin ticket.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I have been so re-invigorated by the McCain/Palin ticket that I might begin writing more on politics. For now, everyone ought to read a most insightful analysis of the McCain strategy by clicking on THIS LINK. The article appears in the Jerusalem Post. I honestly do not know what McCain may be able to do in Washington, but that uncertainty is a whole world better than what I KNOW that Obama will do. Watch this site and especially the Political Figs link on the menu to the right.


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