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Saturday, April 17, 2004

New Scientist: "Climate scientists have been stirred to ridicule claims in an upcoming Hollywood blockbuster that global warming could trigger a new ice age, a scenario also put forward in a controversial report to the US military."
This is modern science, that we are supposed to believe in stead of the Bible? Click on this link to read about the death of Darwinism. Science, in spite of its tremendous achievements which cannot be denied, is going through a crisis of soul.
New York Daily News - Ideas & Opinions - Editorials: Spitting in the eye of terror: "Quattrocchi, 35, was a former baker who went to Iraq late last year to work as a security guard for oil pipelines. His goal: to earn enough money to marry his fiancee, buy a house and start a family. His fate: to be kidnapped, held hostage and slaughtered. A tape of his murder shows that as his killers held a gun to his head, Quattrocchi struggled to free himself, not of his bonds, but of the hood that covered his face. He wanted to look death in the eye. His last, defiant words were: 'Now I'll show you how an Italian dies.'"

"Quattrocchi did more than that. He showed how a courageous person lives, just as America and its allies will continue to demonstrate how fearless nations live."

What a noble and courageous oil worker! We are proud to have such men as our allies in the war against terror, and that there are such men is the reason we will prevail!

Friday, April 16, 2004 Inside Cover Story: "Notes's James Taranto, the latest bin Laden outburst 'shows a command of Democratic talking points - Halliburton is evil; the president is a 'liar' who commands a 'gang',' etc.
The only thing bin Laden seems to have missed is Ted Kennedy's blast that Iraq has become George Bush's Vietnam."
Is bin Laden coordinating his propaganda with Jane Fonda Kerry's compaign?
Mona Charen: Who wants to step up and apologize: "These are the people who warned us of the terrible Afghan winter and warned that our troops would face the same fate as those of the Soviet Union and Great Britain. These are the same people who declared that the Afghanistan campaign, three weeks on, had become a Vietnam-style quagmire. It was on the front page of The New York Times.

"These are the also the people who brought you Jayson Blair and Jack Kelley. Kelley is the former star foreign correspondent for USA Today who was recently fired for fabricating stories.

"Well, everybody makes "

And these were the people who were trying to find the blood in the water at President Bush's press conference the other evening. They asked him really important things that could be used as sound bites in Jane Fonda Kerry's campaign ads: "What mistakes have you made?" and "Will you apologize for ________________" Fill in the blank. It doesn't matter that you didn't do anything wrong. It will feel good if you apologize. Make something up. It isthe American way."

Democrats Are Risking Political Damnation: "During a debate in the 2000 primary campaign, the GOP candidates were asked to name the philosopher who had most affected their lives. Bush's answer was unique: Jesus Christ. As a senior advisor to Al Gore at the time, I recall the reaction in Democratic circles: laughter and disbelief. Bush was seen as a dunce at best, a panderer at worst. 'George Bush probably can't even name a philosopher,' was repeated so often in progressive circles that it became a theme. How could such an 'uneducated person' win?"
The Democrats should remember wardrobe-challenged Janet Jackson, which was the incident that took Howard Stern off the air and cancelled Victoria's Secret. American values changed after 9/11.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Religious violence that erupted in the Nigerian state of Plateau a few
weeks ago has resulted in the deaths of eight pastors and 1,500
Christian believers, and the destruction of 173 churches. The Christian
Association of Nigeria (CAN) released the names of the martyred pastors
who served Baptist, Anglican, Roman Catholic, Assemblies of God and the
Evangelical Reformed congregations, as well as the Church of Christ in
Nigeria and the Evangelical Church of West Africa. Nigeria’s National
Emergency Management Agency reported that religious violence in Plateau
and Nasarawa states has resulted in the displacement of 25,000 people.
Compass Direct reports: “About 50,000 displaced persons who managed to
escape the hostility have temporarily relocated to some parts of this
state,” placing enormous pressure on local resources. On March 28,
Muslim-Christian violence broke out in the state of Nasarawa,
reportedly claiming the lives of 15 Christians.
Go to PCA news


Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Kerry told to seek mate with 'balance' - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics: "Democratic leaders are advising Sen. John Kerry to take great care in picking his running mate and select someone who neutralizes his Northeast liberal reputation and doesn't eclipse him in the charm department. "
In other words, lie. Try to hide who he is.
Black Leadership Group Says Dodd Must 'Face the Music and Resign' -- GOPUSA: "Members of a black leadership group are asking Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-CT) to resign from his position in the United States Senate because of recent comments he made regarding Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV)."

"How could Senator Dodd have made the comments he did with a straight face? And how can he believe he's going to get away with it?," Martin asked in a press release. "Robert Byrd is a former leader in the Ku Klux Klan, and later an opponent of civil rights legislation. I can think of many places in American history where I wouldn't want him setting our nation's agenda."
What is good for remarks about Strom Thurmond is good for remarks about KKK former member Byrd, one of the most racist members of Congress. Ex. Nebraska Senator Kerrey should be kicked off the 9-11 committee for the patronizing sexist and racial remarks made about C. Rice.
Students using bracelets as sexual signals: "Health Department Director Jean Malecki sported some of the bracelets at the school board presentation to make a point about the need for more sex education in public schools, especially because of the county's status as an AIDS epicenter, including its youth, and the rising teen pregnancy rate."
Yep, sure need more sex education in the public schools. Kids hardly know what to do.
We especially need lesbian, sodomite, pornographers, pedophiles, and regular old fashioned fornicators to do the teaching so that the kids can get a good picture of all the options open to them.

Monday, April 12, 2004

Kathleen Parker: In a parallel universe called 'what if.': "Absent absolute proof of such an imminent attack, Bush's Sept. 10 bombing of Afghanistan earned him international condemnation and, in all likelihood, an indictment in coming weeks. U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, appearing last night on 'Larry King Live,' said the United Nations' International Criminal Tribunal likely would bring charges of genocide against Bush.

Bush also faces federal charges at home for his baseless arrest of 19 foreign nationals, many of them native Saudis, whose 'crime' was attending American flight schools. The Council on American-Islamic Relations has joined the American Civil Liberties Union in a joint suit against both Bush and former Attorney General John Ashcroft, charging racial profiling, unlawful arrest and illegal search and seizure."

What if Bush had really done what the phony demlibs and numbskull reblibs think that Bush should have done? Kathleen Parker speculates on what they would be saying now? Do you doubt it? Truth means nothing to this bunch, and never has for two generations.
Jay Bryant: Newsweek Misses Tax Freedom Day: "So let me summarize. Newsweek identified three families, one of which made $32,400 in 2003, the second $73,411 and the third $194,000. Each of the three was quoted, bitching about how they hadn't gotten anything out of the Bush tax cuts. But the Times analysis shows that the single-income-mom low income family actually benefited $1,000, or 45% from the cuts, while the middle income folks saved $2,800 (44%) and the high income earners, who told Newsweek all the tax cut benefits must have gone to the 'major corporations who are downsizing and outsourcing,' received at least $6,899 in Bush tax reductions."
People will lie to get on the news. Won't they?
Mike S. Adams: Who will storm the beaches of Normandy?: "I was reminded of that incident last week when I was discussing the war in Iraq with my friend, Barry Whitehead. We both agreed that this nation would be in serious trouble if we had to fight another war like World War II today. That brave generation of men who stormed the beaches of Normandy has been replaced by a generation of metrosexuals trying to get in touch with their feminine side. Even the body builders become emotionally unraveled when they think that someone might have scratched their plastic bumper."
Another great article from Mike Adams, my favorite college professor. He took a bit of time off from tilting with feminist windmills to write a sober article on modern wimpery. Question: Who will storm the beaches at Normandy? But then, of course, who will be defending them? Islamic fundamentalists, no doubt. Certainly not the Germans.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Doug Giles: Islam, Jihad and Our Jugular Vein: "As things stand, as I attempt to understand this faith which is radically different from Christianity, there is nothing I've found in Islam that makes me believe it is a peaceful religion. Much as I like and respect you, Mr. President, I'm not dancin' to your 'Islam is a religion of peace' tune."
Yes. And Mr. Bush, if you really want to do America a service, tell it like it is. Let the dems have the Islamic votes, along with the fems, the sodomites, and the otherwise goofy.
Jack Kelly / The outcome is clear: "Something like the Battle of the Bulge is being fought in Iraq today. In Fallujah, the Baathist remnant and the al-Qaida types are making a stand there -- a choice pretty much made for them by the Marines when they sealed off the city after the murder and mutilation of four civilian contractors there last week -- and are being ground down by the Marines."
fyi. A great article: their last gasp.
The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed Contributor: Fighting the Wrong War: "Two things about that failure are clear to me at this point in our investigation. The first is that 9/11 could have been prevented, and the second is that our current strategy against terrorism is deeply flawed. In particular, our military and political tactics in Iraq are creating the conditions for civil war there and giving Al Qaeda a powerful rationale to recruit young people to declare jihad on the United States."
How can someone be so right on the 8th of April, and be so wrong on the eleventh? How much money changed hands?


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