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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Too Fat·Posted by Picasa

My Way News - Health Experts: Obesity Pandemic Looms: "An obesity pandemic threatens to overwhelm health systems around the globe with illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease, experts at an international conference warned Sunday."
I think that we need to quit feeding government systems such as welfare and health systems and this problem would go away. If people were hungry, they wouldn't be over weight. If they didn't get so much health care, sick people would die and not prolong their lives so much. What are we doing anyway? Maybe the Islamists are right. We should strap bombs unto these people and use them to kill our enemies. Fat people are disgusting and sick people are going to die anyway; why cannot they be made useful for something?

"Pandemic" carries the idea of sickness. What is the cure for obesity?

Maybe a better question is this:

What is the name of the disease that makes people get money from government to do studies to find things that need fixed so they can get more money from government to meddle in people's lives to try to fix them?

What is the cure that will make them all go away?
New Questions About Inquiry in C.I.A. Leak - New York Times: " An enduring mystery of the C.I.A. leak case has been solved in recent days, but with a new twist: Patrick J. Fitzgerald, the prosecutor, knew the identity of the leaker from his very first day in the special counsel�s chair, but kept the inquiry open for nearly two more years before indicting I. Lewis Libby Jr., Vice President Dick Cheney�s former chief of staff, on obstruction charges."

This article from the NYT is a coverup of a coverup and a coverup of a miscarriage of justice. The American people ought to be outraged at the misuse of the press by radical enemies of the American people and the Bush Whitehouse.

Cure: The Attorney General ought to fire Fitzgerald. The American people ought to fire the NYT and the Washington Post and the other liberal media that aided and abetted this outrage by cancelling their subscriptions. American advertizers ought to fire the same media by removing their advertizing budgets.

This media scandal is every bit as noxious and poisonous to the news media as the Dan Rather doctoring of documents before the last election which lost him his job. There is no credibility left to the media unless they take strong action to clean up their houses.

"Mr. Fitzgerald’s decision to prolong the inquiry once he took over as special prosecutor in December 2003 had significant political and legal consequences. The inquiry seriously embarrassed and distracted the Bush White House for nearly two years and resulted in five felony charges against Mr. Libby, even as Mr. Fitzgerald decided not to charge Mr. Armitage or anyone else with crimes related to the leak itself.

"Moreover, Mr. Fitzgerald’s effort to find out who besides Mr. Armitage had spoken to reporters provoked a fierce battle over whether reporters could withhold the identities of their sources from prosecutors and resulted in one reporter, Judith Miller, then of The New York Times, spending 85 days in jail before agreeing to testify to a grand jury."

An "oops" or a "sorry" doesn't cut it. Heads need to roll starting with the special prosecutor, the justice department, and continuing through the New York Times and the Washington Post and to other biased and criminal liars in the completely corrupt media.

The major media in the United States has come to play the role of being paid liars for special radical and left-wing elements in the Democratic Party, which is becoming more and more radicalized. They are clever in what they do. They accuse others of doing what they are doing. They aid and abet each other in their lies. They hate freedom and especially the Christian Faith. Don't laugh and take it lightly. People laughed at Mussolini and Hitler, too, in the early days, but it cost the blood of a great many people to overthrow them.

With the radicalization of the Democratic Party, it may take more blood to preserve our freedoms here at home from domestic slavers, aided and abetted by a radicalized media and the perverted interests that support them.


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