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Saturday, April 16, 2005

True Community

Check out the blog at Dead Men's Voices.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Contemporary Music?

Why I left the Contempora;ry Christian Music Movement   is a must read for ministers and elders in the Christian Church.  Written by a former "worship leader,"  Dan Lucarini nails what's wrong with CCM, as he calls it.  Includes a critique of "praise music."
Have you ever wondered why churches have wars over music?  I won't reproduce his arguments here, but you will find where the arrogance, the pride, the unbending, the strife is.  Read it and weep for our churches.
Evangelical Press,  P. O. Box 825, Webster, NY 14580, USA    ISBN 0 85234 517 8

You Won't Get Clean Water in this Hole.

The U.N., Preying on the Weak ( "In fact, abuse at these camps went beyond sexual violations: Injustices of one sort or another were perpetrated by U.N. missions or their affiliated nongovernmental organizations every day in the camps I visited. Corruption was the norm, in particular the embezzlement of food and funds by NGO officials, which often left camp resources dangerously inadequate. Utterly arbitrary judicial systems in the camps subjected refugees to violent physical punishment or months in prison for trivial offenses -- all at the whim of officials and in the absence of any sort of hearing. "
What do you really expect? The United Nations is a confederation of gangster nations, most of which are two-bit dictators who have no regard for what Americans consider human rights. Why should they act any differently when they are wearing a UN ensignia?

The United States Constitution requires the national government to secure a democratic government in each state. This ensures that across the United States there will be some uniformity on what justice and truth are. Why do we belong to an organization that tramples upon what we call our ideals daily? An organization that cries foul if the United States thinks that a dictator like Saddam must go?

Thank God for George Bush. With all the flaws that some of us see in his administration, there is one star that shines so bright that it blots out the other: He would not subject the national security of the United States to the gangsters of the U.N. This is the first duty of the national government: to secure the liberties of the American People.

We just hope and pray that George the Great will do the next essential thing--clean up the judiary, so that the constitution is again the law of the land, not some "international consensus" or the emotional fuzzy-logic opinions of those who would be God.

Monday, April 11, 2005

It Would Have Been SOOO Neat!

It's too bad.  SaveToby is a hoax, say the Urban Legands people.  But it would have been so neat.  I am always willing for a good gimmick to stick to the tree-hugging people.
You may have seen it on the news tonight--that Toby, a cute rabbit whose picture appears on the web site, will be slain and eaten if a bunch of money is not paid into the Save Toby fund.
It seems that Animal Rights people are all up in the air.  It doesn't matter that thousands of rabbits are eaten or destroyed every year by people and many millions more provide necessary sustenence to wolves, coyotes, weasels, foxes, and vairous other noble creatures created by God with a hunger for rabbits.
But I am for anything that will separate these people from their money--the Animal Rights people, that is.  Animal rights is an oxymoron anyway.  Animals are property and have no rights, unlike Terri Schaivo who was recently judicially murdered, without any outcry from the Peta people.
It is so sad.  About Toby, I mean.  What a wonderful moral dilemma it would have been for the tofu crowd.
Bytheway, it is ok to eat meat.  See my article at BasketofFigs. - Kerry cites voter intimidation examples - Apr 10, 2005: "'Kerry...suggested the United States should spend as much time promoting democracy at home as it does abroad in countries like Iraq.We need to go about the business of making our own democracy in America work better,' he said."
Translation: "Sniff, sniff. Boo hoo. I'm such loser."

Lobbyist for the DNC?

Quest to get a Republican to fight DeLay may have crossed a line: "On March 24, former Congressman Bob Livingston was sent an e-mail by a New York Times editorial page staffer suggesting he write an op-ed essay. Would Livingston, who in 1998 gave up certain elevation to be House speaker because of a sexual affair, write about how Majority Leader Tom DeLay should now act under fire? In a subsequent conversation, it was made clear the Times wanted the prominent Republican to say DeLay should step aside for the good of the party."
It is so boring and time-consuming to go out to learn the news;  why bother when you can gin it up?  Liberal rags like the NYT, when they aren't actually printing lies and slander, try to make the news.  If there is no Republican that is opposing Tom Delay, then they try to manufacture one.  The Times needs to register as a political lobbyist for the Democratic National Committee.  Do campaign spending limits apply?

Sunday, April 10, 2005

It's The Differences!

May favorite Jew, Dennis Prager, nails it on this one:  the differences between humanism and biblical values:
1. Good and evil: Central to the Judeo-Christian value system is that good and evil are polar opposites and "Woe unto those who call evil good, and good evil" (Isaiah). Opponents of Judeo-Christian values have made war on moral absolutes, on God-based moral values.

2. God and man: God is God and man is man. There is an infinite gulf between man and God, and God is infinitely higher than man. For the Left, man is God and God is man (these were the very words used by Marx and Engels). Each man is the source of values and the measure of all things, unaccountable to any God.

3. Man and woman: "And God created Adam [i.e., the human being], male and female He created them"

4. Holy and profane: A major separation in the Judeo-Christian values system is between the holy and the profane. Applied to speech, this means, for example, that cursing is regarded far less seriously in those parts of society estranged from Judeo-Christian values. Applied to sex, this means that sexual intercourse has a dimension of holiness unknown to the Left, which regards it as a volitional and health issues.

Read the whole article:  The above is just an outline.

Central to the success of humanist thinking is the acceptance of the idea that the Law of Contradiction is rationalism and cannot be applied to human thought.  This is implicitly to affirm that God can be something other than He is, that there is no certain reality, and lies are unimportant.  If somewhere in the deep reaches of God's being all contradictions are resolved, then why die for truth, or why die or live for anything?  Everything is the same.   I am a Van Tilian, but shame on every Van Tilian who thinks dialectically after Hegel, as if true contradictions can be resolved.  See my links on Van Til at

Thank the Lord if you have enjoyed the blog.  It is because we are locked into blizzard conditions today in Colorado Springs, and I didn't preach.


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