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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Dennis Prager: Same-sex marriage: Good for gays, bad for children: "Among gay activists the reason is narcissism. Though gays already have the right to raise children without an opposite-sex parent and the right to adopt children, gay activists want society to enshrine one-sex parenting with its highest seal of approval -- marriage. For gay activists, the fact that a child does best with a good mother and good father is of no significance (or worse, denied). All that matters is what is good for gays. "
Good sense from my favorite Jew.
Mike S. Adams: The National Day of Comfort: "Without any further ado, I am proud to announce that Monday May 10, 2004, will be the first annual National Day of Comfort on college campuses everywhere. Between now and May 10, I am asking students, faculty, and staff all around the country to set aside several hours (or days) to make a complete list of every form of speech they have ever encountered that made them feel even slightly uncomfortable while on campus."
What a great idea from my favorite college professor. I can remember a lot of speech, espcially from instructors, that made me feel uncomfortable in college. And then there are preachers...and moms and dads. Maybe even grandpas and grandmas. Let's just quit it--making people feel bad, of course.


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