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Saturday, August 07, 2004 - U.S. & World - American's Iraq 'Beheading' a Hoax: "Vanderford, who opposes the U.S.-led war in Iraq, said he understood if relatives of those killed there thought his stunt was misguided, but he offered no apologies for the hoax."
How about that? This guy stages his own beheading, circulates it on the web, and does not apologize.

Then he can't be forgiven. Only those who say they're sorry can get forgiveness. Doesn't matter what you do, if you weep a tear and say you're sorry, we will fogive you. Even Saddam would get some support if he would only say he is sorry. Sorrow is atonement for sin. Isn't It?
Victor Davis Hanson on Bush and Kerry on National Review Online: "It is disturbing to see John Kerry insist that America has lost its friends and, through imbecilic diplomacy or worse, alienated those abroad. The world I see would beg to differ. Emigrants strive to reach American shores more often than all other destinations combined. Globalization is now synonymous with Americanization itself. The world's preference for American food, music, travel, popular culture, fashion, and entertainment all suggest a dynamism in the United States found nowhere else."
Lu 7:32 "They are like unto children sitting in the marketplace, and calling one to another, and saying, We have piped unto you, and ye have not danced; we have mourned to you, and ye have not wept." Flower children do not seem to change; they just grow up and continue to think they are better then the rest of us because they haven't grown up. [See Dennis Prager below]

Friday, August 06, 2004 / News / Nation / Veteran retracts criticism of Kerry: "But yesterday, a key figure in the anti-Kerry campaign, Kerry's former commanding officer, backed off one of the key contentions. Lieutenant Commander George Elliott said in an interview that he had made a ''terrible mistake' in signing an affidavit that suggests Kerry did not deserve the Silver Star -- one of the main allegations in the book. The affidavit was given to The Boston Globe by the anti-Kerry group to justify assertions in their ad and book."
This is inexcusable. It is absolutely inconceivable that a lietuenant commander could "make a mistake" like this, and hastily sign a paper defaming a medal winner. What kind of person is he? So he undercuts and betrays his friends just like Kerry did. This writer is inclined to think that pressure from the Kerry camp and the exchange of some kind of bribe is the real reason for his switcheroo. Nothing else makes sense. Liberals are good at this. This is the way that Teddy Kennedy shut up the family of Mary Jo.
Dennis Prager: Why the Democrats use 12-year-olds: "Of course, this girl has accomplished nothing compared to Dick Cheney. She has no wisdom, no humility and no knowledge beyond the leftist platitudes spoon-fed by her parents and schools. She is a mere child, more foolish than most, in that she actually thinks she has earned the right to publicly ridicule the vice president of the United States. The Democratic Party is as shameless as it is immature."
In a childish society, a little child shall lead hell and destruction. It is interesting that God created Adam and Eve in maturity, they were not created children and they didn't evolve from cute little animals. This is a great read by Dennis Prager. Liberals are children who never grew up, and think they are simpler, wiser, and better than adult conservatives, because they went to Sunday School in liberal churches and learned that simple, sweet children are most like Jesus. Boy do they have that wrong. They won't like the angels He sends to call them to account.

See my article in Basket of Figs, July, 2004: It's Ok to Grow Up. See Page Three

Thursday, August 05, 2004

My Way News: "Charlie Daniels, the man who wrote and sang 'This Ain't No Rag, It's a Flag,' is drawing heat from Arab-Americans who say it refers to a derogatory term used against them."
Hurrah for Charlie Daniels! We don't wear rags on our head in America, and those who do can expect some heat, especially when we know what they plan to do to Christians. We don't wear swastikas or crescents or hammers and sickles. If you don't share the ideology of terror, make a statement and get the rag off your head.
The writer said that the President often dozed off in Cabinet meetings; never read dispatches; wrote few, if any, of his own speeches; needed chalk marks on the floor to know where to stand in public; and was a simileterate figurehead whohad to be propped up by his staff.

I suppose you think the writer was referring to Ronald Reagan, or George W. Bush. As a matter of fact, it was Timothy Pickering, writing about George Washington. [Paul Johnson in Forbes, March 1, 2004, page 33]

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Chart: A Record of Recovery: "These charts show the rate of change in real gross domestic product and in employment from 1990 to last June. The shaded areas show recessions. The vertical lines show when President Bill Clinton took office and when he left. Because the economy has momentum, it's useful to look carefully at the trends in evidence at the time of presidential transitions. When you look at the record, a quick summary is this: President Clinton inherited prosperity; President Clinton bequeathed recession."
Facts are stubborn things. The truth about the Clinton recession and the Bush recovery are here plain for all to see, except those who are blind because they will not see. If you like Clinton because he advanced a liberal agenda, then you won't want to look at these charts. It will be painful.
Pulpit Magazine: "Sadly, it seems the truth of the gospel is sometimes most obscured when religion is at the peak of popularity. The Detroit News quotes a New-Age author who has written a book about Jesus subtitled '7 Steps to a Cosmic Awakening.' She notes the real meaning of the 'homeboy' trend: 'It's personally saying not that Jesus is my savior, but He's my best friend and buddy. We have a huge population of unchurched people (in America), but often, they aren't leaving spirituality behind. They still have a desire to feel a spiritual connection, but on their own terms. They're embracing Christ, but from a different viewpoint.'"
FYI. The apostle warned us of false Christs.
My Way News: "The artists of different generations and genres will tour under the name 'Vote For Change,' with shows Oct. 1-8. But the money generated will go to America Coming Together, which promises on its Web site to 'derail the right-wing Republican agenda by defeating George W. Bush.'
"The shows will be presented by MoveOn Pac, the electoral arm of the liberal interest group, with an official announcement expected Wednesday."
"Right-wing Republican agenda" means pro-life, marriage between a man and a woman and Christianity. Don't be taken in by the code words.
KATU 2 - Portland, Oregon: "SEATTLE - Gay couples can be married under Washington state law, because denying their right to do so is a violation of their constitutional rights, a judge ruled Wednesday. "
WaddaIsay? See last blog.
My Way News: "With nearly all precincts reporting, the amendment had garnered 71 percent of the vote, according to unofficial results for Tuesday's vote. It was the first such vote since the historic ruling in Massachusetts last year that legalized same-sex weddings there."
Does anyone think this will make any difference? The liberal agenda will be shoved down the throats of the American people at court fiat, if they have their way. This is the only way the key planks of the humanist agenda could be enacted: abortion, sodomite rights, leniency for criminals, value-free education. These things could never have gotten a majority of votes in most state legislatures. Liberals were willing to corrupt the consitution and destroy federalism in order to have the right to do whatever they wanted to do anywhere. They want to be able to roam the length and breadth of this country and never have to be troubled with being prosecuted for wickedness by some country bumpkin.

It is very important that liberal judges be replaced by ones who believe that the words of the Constitution mean something, and are not just vessels in which new meaning can be poured. Do not think that what is happening in Massachusetts is innocent or without careful forethought and planning.

Monday, August 02, 2004

CBS News | Kerry, Bush Tangle On Terror | August 2, 2004�19:05:14: "'The policies of this administration, I believe and others believe very deeply, have resulted in an increase of animosity and anger focused on the United States of America,' Kerry told reporters after a campaign meeting with first responders. 'The people who are training terror are using our actions as a means of recruitment.' "
Oh me! Oh me! Oh me! Now they hate us, Whatever shall we do? This is the trite liberal response to evil: What have you done to cause it? If a child is wayward, it's mamma's fault; if kids are on drugs, its the society's fault; if somebody hates you, you should look at yourself because you are probably worthy of being hated. It's always someone else's fault. If there is a riot, it is the police's fault.

This is still the Sixties' mentality. Students threw feces at police, called them pigs, and ran home to their rich mama and daddy to get their high priced lawyers to sue the cities and investigate the police. Now this residue of this generation is in control of the Democratic Party, and are ringing their hands now that Bush has knocked some heads together.

This is the generation that established no-spank Spock in our families, destroyed the backbone of our churches, destroyed discipline and education in our schools. established filth as the standard for magazine and book publishing, gave us abortion and fumigated sodomites, and threatens to surrender to the terrorists, in spite of rhetoric to the contrary. If we just learn to be "nice" to people [Michael Moore is exempt from being nice to Bush, of course], then we can just join hands, sing about peace and love, and tip toe through the tulips. The only evil are those who think there is some. Those evil people who think that there is evil in the world are not worthy of any consideration and deserve whatever they get from the people who do not think there is any evil in the world. The worst of all are preachers who preach about heaven and hell and tell people that they are not good enough to go to heaven, unless they accept the righteousness of Jesus Christ by faith. A hell on earth must be prepared for such people, their mouths shut, and ministers put in their places who will tickle the ears of people, tell them how chic and up to date they are, how scientifically astute, and how clever not to believe what the bible says about women and sodomite false prophets. It is right to do this in order to demonstrate how broad-minded and loving we are to all people. Our toleration cannot tolerate Bible-believers.

Do not be deceived. A man who would blame Bush for irritating the terrorists will blame Bible preachers for causing despondancy and despair among abortionists and sodomites. When they riot and kill in America, it will be the fault of fundamentalists who would not receive them into their churches or sprinkle perfume upon their abominable deeds.

If there are any Bible believers out there who are thinking of voting for Kerry, they better take a look at the whole picture. A man can choose whatever basic ideas that he wants to live by, but he cannot escape the consequences of those ideas. Those who think that goodness if the cause of evil are a couple of brain cells short. Evil can no more spring from goodness than a skunk can have a litter of baby chicks.

Illinois Paper Hits Michael Moore for Copyright Infringement: "NEW YORK The Pantagraph newspaper in Bloomington, Ill., has sent a letter to Michael Moore, drafted by its lawyer, citing him for copyright infringement, admonishing him for his 'unauthorized ... misleading' use of the paper in his film 'Fahrenheit 9/11,' and asking for an apology.
Early in the movie, according to the paper, a large headline appears in the film, purporting to be from a Dec. 19, 2001, edition of the paper, and reading "Latest Florida recount shows Gore won election." The paper contends that the headline actually appeared on Dec. 5, 2001, in much smaller type, and above a letter to the editor, hardly a factual news story or editorial.
This is lying in film. There was never any recount by anybody in Florida that did not give Bush the election in Florida, or that found any fraud.

Question. How long would Moore have lasted in Saddam's Iraq after making a film critical of Saddam, even if it was factual, let alone filled with lies. Eh? But Michael plays the American people for suckers, pockets their millions, and goes off to Europe, pretending to be a caring, sensitive man.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

DRUDGE REPORT 2004�: "'People ask me if I'm really calling for the elimination of the IRS, and I say I think that's a great thing to do for future generations of Americans,' Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert explains in his new book, to be released on Wednesday.

"'Pushing reform legislation will be difficult. Change of any sort seldom comes easy. But these changes are critical to our economic vitality and our economic security abroad,' Hastert declares in SPEAKER: LESSONS FROM FORTY YEARS IN COACHING AND POLITICS."
Now, if the major news media would report that many of our tax returns are being sent to India to be processed [and you thought that only business were outsourcing!], it might just trigger enough reaction to sweep the whole IRS mess away.

The greatest damage done by the IRS is the invasion of privacy and the collection of dossiers on every American and business. It would be the greatest restoration of freedom in the history of America since the Revolution if this could be done. - Politics - Private Property May Become Preserved: "KING COUNTY, Wash. -- Residents of King County, Wash., will only be able to build on 10 percent of their land, according to a new law being considered by the county government, which, if enacted, will be the most restrictive land use law in the nation."
""My take is it's stealing — out and out stealing," said county resident Marshall Brenden. "They're taking 65 percent of your land that you fought for years to pay for, paid mortgages on and now you can't use it."

The federal government is supposed to guarantee a republican form of government in all the states, according to the Constitution of the United States, including upholding the rights of citizens, which included that part about not depriving people of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. It isn't the government's land, in spite of that socialist ditty, "This land is our land; this land is my land." O yeah? Go try to pitch your tent on the beaches of Santa Barbara!


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