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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Don't Waste a Good Crisis; Especially if You Can Keep Your Bought Capitalists.  See link

In the good old days, the capitalists bought the politicians with their own money.  Nowadays, the politicians buy the capitalists with taxpayer money.   The difference between the Nazis and the Communists is a small one.  Under National Socialism, the government let you keep your company, they just told you how to run it for the good of the ruling class who knew better than anyone else.
American Jailed in Cuba 
 Woe, Woe, Woe to him who sins against the all knowing, all powerful, all benevolent state.

"I am deeply sorry for being a trusting fool. I was duped. I was used. And my family and I have paid dearly for this," he said. The court was apparently unmoved and sentenced Gross to 15 years for crimes against the state. His conviction was upheld last month by the island's Supreme Court."

Socialism = Statist Humanism.  It is a religious order, which has its own set of morality in opposition to the Ten Commandments.  It has its priests who decide who will be saved and who will be punished, and there is no appeal to God, for it recognizes no god but itself.  There are people in America who, except for the wisdom of our Founding Fathers and the tattered remnants of our Constitution, who long for the same kind of government in America that is found in Cuba and other such ungodly nations.  They would love to put patriots in hell and hang them from trees.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Have YOU No Decency, Mr. Krugman?
An Open Letter

I know you are the attack dog for the New York Times and the Democratic National Committee, but this column is preposterous:

Yes, Mr. Cantor popped off his mouth, but Republicans distanced themselves from him and he has cooled his jets.  Where were you when one of your buddies said that tea partiers could go to hell, or when another one of them said that tea partiers wanted to hang blacks from trees?  Neither of them has backed off from their statements, but have defended them.

I also know that columns like this are an admission of utter weakness and helplessness; your guy is going down the drain, your paper has no respect, ridden with scandal, and experiencing declining readership.  It calls for louder and more intemperate rhetoric, like when a preacher pounds the pulpit when his argument is weak.

Mr. Kantor was impolitic in saying it, but how WILL government giveaways be paid for?  Are you prepared to make stones into bread, or do you live in a world where mathematics and physics operate on different principles than the one most Americans live in?  It is YOU who are playing politics with Irene and American tragedy, just as your guy in the White House is.  Shame, shame, shame, shame.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

This Sword Has Another Edge to It    Link to Article in Washington Examiner

Hey!!! Why wasn't Obama's membership in a church that wanted to damn America fair game last election?  Oh, yes, I know.  Liberals have no principles.

"Surveying those articles, the executive editor of the New York Times, Bill Keller, concludes that "an unusually large number" of Republican candidates "belong to churches that are mysterious or suspect to many Americans." Perry and Bachmann, in particular, are connected to "fervid subsets of evangelical Christianity," which Keller says "has raised concerns about their respect for the separation of church and state, not to mention the separation of fact and fiction." Fearing that Perry or Bachmann could be a "Trojan horse" for a religious takeover of the government, Keller advocates strict questioning of candidates on doctrinal issues."

If You Live by Partisanship, you will die by Partisanship!

"First, Obama ambushed the GOP by upstaging the party’s presidential debate with a major address. Then Republicans returned fire by trying to push it back to the 8th. Then the name-calling started. Finally, late Wednesday, Obama agreed to change the day — even if it means backtracking and bumping against the NFL’s Thursday night opener."

Read more:

Of course, the hacks over at Politico have to admit that Obama "ambushed" the GOP, but do not admit that Obama had no choice.  Boehner held the trump card of security for the President on such short notice.  It shows the disarray of the Obama administration.  There was no urgency in the jobs program when O took his vacation while the employment numbers were going south, the urgency only became great after the golfing was out of the way.  Why not use the "urgency" as an opportunity to push the Republican debate aside.  Who wants to hear those teapartiers, anyway, had to be what passes for strategy in the White House.

This has been the most partisan administration in my lifetime, since I became aware of national events after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, when I was seven.  But, Mr. President, Speaker Boehner can read the polls.  Where was the urgency when your party held both houses of Congress and the economy was tanking?  At that time, all you were interested in was running up the national debt to pay off your cronies and looting the national treasure.


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