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Friday, June 25, 2004 - U.S. & World - Volcker Confident About Oil-for-Food Probe: "In an interview with FOX News on Wednesday former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker said that he will be publishing an initial report in about two months, and it will likely be damaging for U.N. officials and many others involved in the oil-for-food program."
Aha! Seems that UN officials and others [French, Germans, Russians???] had a financial stake in seeing Saddam in power. Could it really be that Europeans would sell out freedom for gold?

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Yahoo! News - Court Upholds Sante Fe Wage Ordinance; Landmark Ruling Confirms Power of Cities to Raise Pay for Low-Wage Residents: "SANTA FE, N.M., June 24 /U.S. Newswire/ -- In a sweeping decision, New Mexico state court Judge Daniel Sanchez today upheld the Santa Fe living wage ordinance -- one of the nation's first local laws raising the minimum wage for workers at all large private businesses in the city. The ruling means that thousands of low-wage workers across the city will begin receiving at least $8.50 an hour. "
Hmmmm. Let's see now. This means that businesses will not move to Santa Fe, unemployment will rise, welfare rolls will rise, taxes will rise, and the authors of these laws will complain about out-sourcing and selfish businesses. Why didn't they raise it to $50 an hour so people could really be comfortable? Hmmm?
In his landmark book Personal Knowledge, Michael Polanyi refers to the atomic theory of chemistry that was established by John Dalton in 1808. It was generally accepted almost at once, yet its meaning was obscure. Fifty years later, more clarity came to the theory when Cannizaro defined the concepts of atomic weight; molecular weight and equivalent weight. Many questions were answered. Polanyi writes:

"Such clarification is irreversible; it is as difficult to reconstruct today the confused conceptions which chemists used during the previous half century (and which for example induced Dalton to reject Avogadro's Law as contrary to the atomic theory of chemistry), as it is to be baffled once more by a puzzle after having discovered its solution.... [In the same way] Great pioneers in hypnotism, like Elliotson, had fallen tragic victims to the confusion previously prevailing, for lack of a conceptual framework in which their discoveries could be separated from specious and untenable admixtures."

It is not too great a leap to jump from chemistry and hypnotism to theology. The whole purpose of theology is to bring by definition and clarification the truth of Scripture into focus. Those who denigrate theology are scalawags and charlatans, who do not wish to have clarification in these matters so they can continue to practice their witchcraft and sorcery in morals and worship.
My Way News: "- The Republic of Georgia said it plans to boost its military contingent in Iraq; 250 servicemen are awaiting orders to depart for Iraq to join the 158 soldiers already serving there, said Givi Iukuridze, the head of Georgia's General Staff. "
Hurrah for this former soviet of the defunct USSR. They know what tyranny is. Hurrah, again.
Killing stiffens Roh's resolve - Iraq - "South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun denounced the beheading of a South Korean hostage by militants in Iraq but said his country would continue its plan to send more troops rather than bow to terrorism. "
Maybe there is more backbone in Korea than in all of France, Germany, Russia, and Spain.
It's not for the faint of heart. I refer to Michael Polanyi's 1958 classic Personal Knowledge. It has more about epistemology than most want to know. ["Epistemology" is the study of what can be known and how it is known.]

What I find intriguing is how often Polanyi comes up to the reality of man being in the image of God, looks over the precipice, and then refuses to take the leap. It's a shame. It is a great book and valuable, in spite of its humanistic suppositions. I haven't finished it yet, but have already had my mind stirred.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004 - Diet: Potato growers say they'll pitch a 'low-carb' spud: "Florida is the first test site in the United States for the European import, which was developed by HZPC, a seed company based in the Netherlands. The potato was developed by crossbreeding and was not genetically modified."
Hey! Don't mess with the spud. The potato is one of the best things in the world and shouldn't be messed with. I for one, am perfectly satisfied that the Idaho baking potato, slathered with butter, and plenty of salt and pepper, cannot be bad for you. Nervous little people that you see jogging early in the morning, fretting about a calory here or a inch or two there, die young from nervousness and worry.

My favorite quote from all time is from Winston Churchill. When asked what he did for exercise, he said something like this, "Mostly I exercise by serving as pall bearer for my physical fitness friends."

Anything that takes away from a merry heart cannot be good for you. That includes most diets.


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