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Saturday, September 27, 2003

Finally, there is a real man ["cowboy" in French] that will speak out on the real evil of global slavery; not the pseudo-evils of global warming and global trade. Donna M. Hughes on George W. Bush & Sex Trade on National Review Online
Britain's Blair to Fight on Despite Grim Polls ( "The worst thing we could possibly do at the moment is to back off and back away," No wavering in this man. God bless him. He says that there is nothing for him to say he's sorry for in the decision to go to war with Iraq. Proverbs 20:26 "A wise king scattereth the wicked, and bringeth the wheel over them."
Two new articles on the New Perspectives on Paul by Dr. Cornel Venema of Mid-America Reformed Seminary have been posted to the Basket of Figs Website. Index for Venema and the New Perspectives
This is Matt Powell's blog. He has a great article on the Second Commandment, which forbids the making and worhsipping of images for the service of God. He makes a great case that this also includes pictures of Christ. Wheat and Chaff
It takes a political professional to get elected, and there's the problem. After being elected, the political professional often hasn't the ghost of an idea what to do. The political professionals got California in the present mess, and it will probably take an amateur to get it out of the mess. Click here

Friday, September 26, 2003

I've always said that the French are a few cards short of a full deck. Now we know they are playing with a marked deck. But, of course, France has been irrelevant since they blew it in Viet Nam, surrendered in Algeria, and opened their borders to cheap labor from the Middle East. Of course, they were being very sophisticated and urbane now, weren't they? Yahoo! News - In French Deck, Bush Is King of Diamonds "I found it completely indecent to present a manhunt as a game," Thierry Meyssan sniffed nobly, effetely, and urbanely.
This is a start, but why not just get our girls out of the military? Men shouldn't send their wives and daughers to fight and die for them. WorldNetDaily: Just say 'no' to pregnant soldiers?
You will find some scholarly work on this site. Of course, I have reservations about some of the articles, but there is plenty to whet your appetite and stir your spirit. This issue has an article about "The Problem of Conversion in Augustine and Jonathan Edwards" that you will find provacative perhaps. QUODLIBET Online Journal of Christian Theology and Philosophy
Professor Adams is soooo good. He comforts a Christian whose professor makes anti-Christian remarks in class [a tax supported class, that is. Liberty is only for non-Christians, or didn't you know?] Mike S. Adams: A time to speak
Krauthammer nails it again. Looks like Teddy Kennedy has had one too many vodka-on-the-rocks and is losing brain cells. Charles Krauthammer: From Partisanship to Pathology
Multiculturalism is the socialism of the well-to-do. This article is from the National Association of Scholars. You will need Adobe Reader, which you can get free by clicking on the link on the right. When the page opens for NAS, scroll down to the "Outlook" article.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

The Creed of Democrats in 2003. It is a thing of beauty. Rich Lowry: What Democrats believe
A good article refuting a bunch of modern nonsense about how Greek thought "corrupted" Christianity in the early days. Was Early Christianity Corrupted by 'Hellenism'?
More examples of bias in news coverage. Remember Dan Quale and potato? Clickhere
What about freedoms? Why the secular state cannot provide them. Clickhere
If you can sell college tuition this way, why not cookies? Clickhere

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

More good news on Iraq. Pray for our troops. Democracy, Closer Every Day
Barbra Streisand Says She's Bored by Her Own Songs ( But, but, Barbra, some of have been bored with you for a long, long time. Everytime I hear you name, I think of Bill Clinton, who was a real bore. You also make me think of Moses, because every time you open your mouth, bullrushes.
Put that in your liberal pipes and smoke it along with that other stuff! - Top Stories - Poll: Baghdad Residents Glad Saddam Gone
Episcopalians up in arms. Check this out.
Everyone knows that blacks perform much lower than whites and Asians. My favorite black author Thomas Sowell explores this tragedy. There are some black schools where the performance is outstanding. What can we do to get our citizens off the liberal plantations so that they can achieve and kiss their liberal taskmasters goodby? Click here.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Death of Common Sense and the Constitution. Judge throws out conviction because of trooper "profiling." Click here.

Monday, September 22, 2003

Please send an email to let me know if you enjoy this blog. It is not a great deal of work to publish this blog, because I just post links to articles that I find amusing or provocative. Everyone will not enjoy everything, but there should be something here that some of you might enjoy. God bless.
See what happens when you tinker with the created order? Under the Law of Moses, Israel was forbidden to tamper with the genetic order, and not mix the species. Click on the following link:Interfax > Politics
How the bias of the news media puts the lives of our soldiers in Iraq in jeopardy. Article by a Democratic Congressman. | Opinion | Falsely bleak reports reduce our chances of success in Iraq
This is a link to more information than you probably want to know on the difficult task of nation building; from the success in Japan after WWII to other efforts over the last 400 years. Foreign Policy:

Sunday, September 21, 2003

According to the New York Times, the punch card voting machines are more accurate than the costly touch-screens that have been imposed on the counties of California. But this didn't keep the Times from lying when they were rejoicing in the three-judge panel's decision to postpone the California election. Click here

The note from Newsmax:

1. New York Times Caught Lying About Recall

After three Democrat judges from the infamous 9th Circuit Court of Appeals voted to stop the recall of California's disastrous Democrat Gov. Gray Davis, the Democrat newspaper known as the New York Times naturally thought this was a great move. But why did it have to lie to justify the ruling?

The Times decried the alleged "mass disenfranchisement" that supposedly occurs when voters "in the counties stuck with punch cards are far more likely than other Californians to have their ballots thrown out."

Slate retorted, "Does the NYT read its own charts?"

Yes, the Old Gray Lady published a graphic showing that punch cards have a lower rate of "invalid votes" than touch-screen voting systems, one of the costly "improvements" that the 9th Circuit has forced upon California's cash-free counties.

Apparently the Times' editorial writers fear they can't trust their own reporters. Join the crowd, fellas.

Now that the full court, which is by far the most frequently reversed in the nation, has slapped down the trio and agreed to rehear the case, let's hope the Times' chart becomes Exhibit A in the appeal. -from Newsmax.
What a shame. German beer labels are being sold to Belgium companies. If you can't trust German beer, what can you trust? It is proof positive that the world is going to pot. Click here.
The withering of Al-Qaida But don't let your guard down.


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