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Friday, January 14, 2005

Wheat and Chaff: "Only the context of eternity can teach me the truth of what happens on earth. Trying to understand the events of this world without an eternal perspective is like using a tape measure with no numbers on it. You might know which dash the end of the board falls on, but you don't know what the dash means, or how it relates to anything else. When we measure the world without the eternal perspective, all we're left with is the judgments of man, and so we think a church with 4000 people in it is more blessed than the one with 75."
Very good article from Son Matthew. Read the whole thing.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Dennis Prager: The case for Judeo-Christian values: Part II
My favorite Jew has done it again. I wish a Christian had written this, but many of them are incapable of it. But many of us are saying it. Without God there is no morality, just preferences. A man who does good because it is nicer [ala Mammy Yokum] may be a man of taste, but he is not moral.

God is not confused. He knows when we are worshipping ourselves rather than Him. He is not amused, either.


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