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Sunday, September 21, 2003

According to the New York Times, the punch card voting machines are more accurate than the costly touch-screens that have been imposed on the counties of California. But this didn't keep the Times from lying when they were rejoicing in the three-judge panel's decision to postpone the California election. Click here

The note from Newsmax:

1. New York Times Caught Lying About Recall

After three Democrat judges from the infamous 9th Circuit Court of Appeals voted to stop the recall of California's disastrous Democrat Gov. Gray Davis, the Democrat newspaper known as the New York Times naturally thought this was a great move. But why did it have to lie to justify the ruling?

The Times decried the alleged "mass disenfranchisement" that supposedly occurs when voters "in the counties stuck with punch cards are far more likely than other Californians to have their ballots thrown out."

Slate retorted, "Does the NYT read its own charts?"

Yes, the Old Gray Lady published a graphic showing that punch cards have a lower rate of "invalid votes" than touch-screen voting systems, one of the costly "improvements" that the 9th Circuit has forced upon California's cash-free counties.

Apparently the Times' editorial writers fear they can't trust their own reporters. Join the crowd, fellas.

Now that the full court, which is by far the most frequently reversed in the nation, has slapped down the trio and agreed to rehear the case, let's hope the Times' chart becomes Exhibit A in the appeal. -from Newsmax.
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