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Thursday, October 02, 2003

The tragedy about the Limbaugh/McNabb flap is the hurt done to every black citizen who has bought in to affirmative action. The virtual racism of affirmative action is this: black people cannot make it on their own, but have to be given preferential treatment. Then they have to be supported and their deficiencies covered up, given awards they don't deserve, and praised for things that they didn't earn. All the while the hypocritical liberals are laughing behind their hands. The New York Times just recently got burned for this.

All Limbaugh did was raise the question. There was no racism in what he said; just the opposite. The issue needs to be talked about if the real and solid achievements of our black citizens are to get the true recognition that they deserve. But as long as our black citizens get favored treatment, are admitted to colleges and programs with reduced admission requirements, and given racial quotas for jobs and positions, and as long as organizations like the NFL are questioned because they do not have enough black quarterbacks, there will be those who will question whether or not the achievements are real or overstated by those who want to defend the practice. It also results in the charge of racism against those who question the achievements.

Rush raised a legitimate question that needs to be addressed if we are to truly eliminate real racism, rather than just make gestures. No one would question the achievements of a Michael Jordan or a Jerry Rice--no one but a madman. But Michael Jordan didn't get his job because there were not enough black guards in the NBA, and Jerry Rice didn't get his job because there was agitation to get more black receivers in the NFL. But as long as the people who profit by shaking down businesses and organizations--people like Jesse Jackson, the achievements of quotas and set-asides will have their achievements questioned. There may have been a time when blacks were kept out of certain sports because owners would pass up excellence in order to preserve white domination, but that condition has not existed in sports for many years. The trouble with liberals is that they are still living in the days of Jackie Robinson, Dorothy Dix, and the Great Depression. Their solutions are outdated, outmoded, immoral and hurt the very ones they pretend to help. In reality, they do not care a bit about "minorities." They simply want to regain power.

BTW, Limbaugh's first commentary for his football job was in support of black coaches in the NFL. So who has the agenda????? See the next article.
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