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Saturday, November 29, 2003

Everything is a disease nowadays, from sodomy to fat. Makes it easy thataway. Don't have to take responsibility. There is no biblical hell for the sick, just the hell of Big Brother telling everyone what to do, what to eat, what to drink, how much to exercise, and whether to smoke cigars.

Interesting, isn't it. We throw of the Ten Commandments, and exchange them for a million lifestyle commandments from government. The Ten Commandments are restrictive, but we submit to laws about seat belts, motorcycle helmets, drug and food restrictions, etc. Seems that God holds us personally responsible, but that is too restrictive, so we let government be responsible for us, and laws and taxes multiply like maggots in last week's turkey carcass. The Ten Commandments forbid us to murder our neighbor, but government insists that we keep him alive no matter what, and then taxes us to pay the government inspectors and regulators to see that he never has to suffer for the consequences of his own stupid lifestyle choices.

TCS: Tech Central Station - Addiction Inflation: "An interesting phenomenon creeping into western culture is the medicalisation of what are traditionally thought of as social habits and behaviors. In particular growing numbers of people are claiming they are addicted to all forms of lifestyle choices, such as sex, drugs, alcohol and of course, food. "
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