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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

MSNBC - From Kosovo To Fallujah: "One aim and effect of U.S. intervention in the Balkans--a kind of blurry border where Islam and Christianity meet--was to protect Muslims from persecution. America's harvest of gratitude has not been bountiful."
Whatever you think of America, she has been true to her modern principles. I do not agree with some of those principles, but the U.S. has been true to herself. When Muslims were being "ethnically cleansed" in the Balkans, we intervened against the "Christians."

But Islam does not understand such principles. There Allah has no principles, because the will of Allah is capricious, enigmatic, without reason. The God of the Bible acts according to His nature and His goodness; that would limit Allah, as would personhood, so personood and goodness are jettisoned for benefit of theological consistency; the Trinity is jettisoned for the same "reason," for whatsoever does not tuck in nicely around all the edges of human reason must be eliminated. People who also are untidy and don't fit must also be eliminated, no matter how nice they might be.
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