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Friday, May 21, 2004

The McCain Choice ( "I wish President Bush could find a way to reach out across party lines and be a unifier. He campaigned in 2000 as a leader who would heal America's partisan wounds. But in office he has too often done the opposite. No matter how much he invokes the unifying theme of the war on terrorism, he governs as an exclusionary conservative. And his vice president, Dick Cheney, seems to be running for the position of divider in chief. "
These guys just don't get it. Americans should understand that the only way Bush can be a "uniter" with these mad dog liberals is to surrending the Republican agenda, the right philosophy on the War on Terror, and allow Hilary to sit in the Oval Office. Even then they would find fault. People need to get their blinders off, and recognize that the only campaign tactic the democrats have is to find fault and complain and obstruct. This is their whole platform. Then they blame Bush for the bad feelings.
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