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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Grove City College_Throckmorton_Hiding Truth From Schoolchildren: It's Elementary Revisited: "Noe' Gutierrez, the young man that told his story in the video, came out as gay at 16 but then came out again as ex-gay at 24. On 'It's Elementary,' he was filmed speaking to a San Francisco area middle school on behalf of Community United Against Violence. Mr. Gutierrez was quite involved in gay advocacy and frequently spoke publicly on this topic. However, about six years ago Mr. Gutierrez went through a period of re-evaluation and change. The end result was his change of sexual identity from gay to straight. Without fanfare, Mr. Gutierrez went through a profound experience of transformation and after a while of working through his experience began telling others of his change."
Can't happen, of course, according to the PC bunch, but it doesn't matter to them that it did. This "scientific" bunch has a long history of ignoring facts that don't agree with their conclusion. In fact, that is one of the accepted methods of modern science--ignore what doesn't agree with your conclusion. If you don't believe me read Michael Polanyi's Personal Knowledge or Knowledge and Being. No friend to Christian presuppositions, Polyani demonstrates the necessity for faith in all scientific knowledge and has been a giant in 20th century scientific thought.

It shows the irrationality that is involved in the attitude of modern science to Christianity. "Christianity cannot be true because I don't want it to be true, and if it is true, I would have to change my moral presuppositions and my truth presuppositions and I don't want to do that so Christianity cannot be true. I will not allow it to be true," pretty much sums it up.
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