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Tuesday, June 22, 2004 - Diet: Potato growers say they'll pitch a 'low-carb' spud: "Florida is the first test site in the United States for the European import, which was developed by HZPC, a seed company based in the Netherlands. The potato was developed by crossbreeding and was not genetically modified."
Hey! Don't mess with the spud. The potato is one of the best things in the world and shouldn't be messed with. I for one, am perfectly satisfied that the Idaho baking potato, slathered with butter, and plenty of salt and pepper, cannot be bad for you. Nervous little people that you see jogging early in the morning, fretting about a calory here or a inch or two there, die young from nervousness and worry.

My favorite quote from all time is from Winston Churchill. When asked what he did for exercise, he said something like this, "Mostly I exercise by serving as pall bearer for my physical fitness friends."

Anything that takes away from a merry heart cannot be good for you. That includes most diets.
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