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Monday, October 18, 2004

Dear Friends of Basket of Figs Blog

I have decided to take a short break [about a week] from blogging. There are several reasons for this.
1. The election is over. Bush will win about 300+ electoral votes, and the lawsuits will be minimum. Duelfer reports that the WMD were moved to Syria. Kerry and Edwards have lost their minds.
2. I am tired of the whole affair. The people that this blog will influence have already made up their minds. The Kerry lies and demogoguery brings back the most unpleasant memories of the gnostic rebellions of the Viet Nam Era; people who have learned nothing in the last forty years and will learn nothing in the next twenty when they one by one will pass into eternity to weeping and gnashing of teeth.
2a. This election will be the end of the subversion of American manhood by Robert Kennedy who pulled a John Kerry by becoming anti Vietnam War [Which he had supported] in order to preempt the followers of Eugene McCarthy. Robert Kennedy waxed emotional and sentimental over the babies dying in VietNam and thought it was immoral to kill people overseas in order to avoid fighting communism at home. The result was the slaughter of millions of babies by the Viet Cong [the buddies of John Kerry] and by the Kymer Rouge. It has been replaced by the manly policies of a Texan, may God bless him. Although Nixon won over Humphrey the surrender of American defense continued until Reagan, and is now buried by Dubya, God bless him.
3. I have better things to do.
4. The war in Iraq is succeeding and elections will be held. Russia is supporting Bush's elections, and even France and Germany are sending signals that they they think they can more easily deal with Bush than with Kerry.
5. I have better things to do.
6. I am reorganizing how I will blog, making more use of the subsidiary blogs more narrowly directed: Good, Theological, and Bad Figs.
7. I want to finish the construction of the site, which has been under construction for a couple of years.
8. I have better things to do.
9. I feel besmirched, defiled, and corrupted by thinking about the likes of Michael Moore, Carville, Barbra, Sodomites, and the rest of the despicable zoo that makes up the liberal bloc. The Apostle Paul said it best, "It is a shame even to speak of the things..." The rot defiles even the lips that speak of it.
10. I have beter things to do.
11. Trinity Covenant Church is prospering and I am busy with new members classes and leadership classes.
12. Did I say that I have better things to do?
13. My son Matthew is being ordained to the Gospel ministry Sunday, October 24, in Limon, Colorado. My good friend Gene Sawtelle of Greeley and I will be doing the rite of the Reformed Church in the U. S.
14. Did I say that I have better things to do?
15. What Kerry and Edwards do is irrelevant. It is God who appoints those who reign over the nations of the world. Our business is always with God.
16. Did I say that I have better things to do?

God bless America. Amen.
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