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Thursday, January 06, 2005

You need to read these articles from my favorite college professor.

Mike S. Adams: The abolition of tenure: "Many of those who are unfit for any job besides that of a tenured professor would be unemployed and homeless if we abolished tenure tomorrow. Without tenure, these people would not be such an irritation at work, although they would probably be just as irritating as panhandlers once their unemployment checks ran out. "
Mike S. Adams: My new life difficulty grading scale: "As controversial as it may seem, my new life difficulty grading scale will help us to achieve a goal that should make all of us feel comfortable. That goal is nothing less than the destruction of the antiquated notion that people should work to overcome life's difficulties with no advanced guarantee of the outcome they desire."
Mike S. Adams: My last lecture: "Dr. Adams' alarm goes off and he awakes from a pleasant dream. After a shower, two cups of coffee, and 12 more pages of Atlas Shrugged, he kisses his wife goodbye. After he blows a kiss to his Ann Coulter Action Figure, he heads out the door for another semester. To be continued..."
Mike S. Adams: From each according to his need: "By implementing this plan, I will be doing my part to reverse the harmful effects of socialism upon our great nation. If others follow, we will soon see the emergence of a large gap between the needy and the achievers in our society. But if we stay the course, we will see many of our needy brothers join the class of the achievers in the future. If they do not, we can at least say that we provided them with an opportunity to achieve. We have no other obligation. "
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