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Tuesday, February 22, 2005 - News - Hunter S. Thompson: Shutting The Door, Painting The Windows Black, By Kurt Loder: "In the 1970s, Hunter Thompson inspired a legion of young journalists to believe that the best way to cover a story was to get tanked to the gills on drugs and alcohol, present oneself in a state of near-psychotic meltdown at the scene of whatever one was covering, and record the affronted and sometimes violent reactions of the people one encountered. Concepts like 'facts' and 'objectivity' were to be regarded as quaint, if not entirely notional. The author became the story. This was 'gonzo journalism.'"
I guess this is what Dan Rather has been practicing all these years. Hippy, biased journalism. "Facts" and "objectivity" are quaint, huh? But you know, facts are stubborn things, as Bush the Elder once famously said. I guess that if you are a "gonzo journalist," if the facts get too depressing and quaint, you just blow your brains out.

You know, some ideas that people promote and profess to live by, don't seem to wear very well after a while. They don't die well living by them either.
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