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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Tsunami victims to sue French hotel chain Accor, Thai govt, US authorities Messenger | Yahoo! Finance-: "Tsunami victims to sue French hotel chain Accor, Thai govt, US authorities"
Ain't that ducky? We have now come to the complete circle of free-will theism. God doesn't control anything or bring anything to pass, and therefore man has complete free will to make his choices, right? He is therefore responsible for himself, right?

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong! This writer has maintained for many years that the true human responsibility cannot be maintained in a chance environment. If man has absolute freedom, then he is on his own. He is responsible for nothing, for things are always happening to him that somebody else should have taken care of. If he gets cancer from smoking, it just isn't his fault, it is the mean tobacco companies, and politicians, and the gov'ment and probably his mother and father who should have taken better care of his education. Do you wander that those who maintain the greatest lattitude to free will are always trying to tell you what to do, or trying to get the church to tell you what to do, or trying to get the gov'ment to tell you what to do? A pox on the whole bunch of them.

If he gets fat and sloppy from living on Big Macs, same story. If the tsunami comes and washes him away, same story. The United States--for if there is no God in your world, you look to the biggest and richest thing you can see--should have done something about it. Just sue the devil out of everyone in sight.

Do you still doubt that the Senate did a good thing last week by passing tort reform?

The elephant in the room that depraved men [that's all of us] refuse to see and will not see apart from the grace of God is a big one: God is the Creator, sustainer, upholder, and causes all things to come to pass for His glory. Every man is therefore responsible before the God who made him--not for the events that take place, but for his reaction to them. All things work together for good, but not for every men--only for those who love God and who are the called according to His purpose.

For good reading on this subject, click the Trinity Reformed Church link at the right and go to Creeds and Confessions and read the Heidelberg Catechism and the Belgic Confession, and look up the Scripture references. You might learn something.
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