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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A Terri Schaivo Moment!

It came to me in a flash.  It was so clear and the light was so clear that it must have come from above.  It was a metaphysical moment.
Terri Schaivo has shown us the way.  This poor woman's life was illuminated with a light that might very well be the salvation of our nation.
She has shown us the way to save Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, the family, education, and the nation's economy.
It is so simple that I am amazed that I did not see it before.
Just kill all the people whose lives are below the accepted threshhold of "quality."
There are a great many people who are too old to amount to anything, but they cost a great deal of money in the Social Security System.  They occupy nursing homes, hospitals, and hospice care.  Their quality of life is terrible.  Many of them have lost their minds, control of their bowells, and even the ability to breathe on their own.  Why should such people be permitted to live?  It would be a mercy to put them out of their misery.  They are draining the resources of their families and friends, not to mention the immense resources of the state.  With one stroke of the pen, if all those over the age of 80 had their throats cut, we would be well on the way to saving Social Security, or perhaps eliminating it all together.
Along with the aged, there are a great many other people whose intelligence is below the threshhold of "quality."  They will never succeed in school and many of them will never learn to read.  They cannot talk or communicate except in gibberish.  Why should such people continue to soak up the resources of the community?  The quality of their lives is much too low for them to live a quality life that is worthy of the name.  Some of them cannot even feed themselves or go to the bathroom alone.  Didn't Jesus say that the unfruitful tree should be cut down?  "Why does it cumber the earth?"
The husband who does not have a quality wife should just execute her.  Why should she drain the family resources?.  Disobedient or lazy children likewise.  Why should a dope-smoking, drug-ingesting misfit with rings in his nose be permitted to live?  What is the quality of his life?  Do you imagine how much money could be saved for the family in special ed, psychological treatment, counsellors, and medical bills with a well-placed 45 caliber slug?  Why should a bad wife or bad children be allowed to destroy the quality of life?  Every family should have the right to shoot boys or girls who are dragging down the quality of the life of the family by their low-life or stupid behavior. Why not?  What would be wrong with that?  They would just be Terri Schaivo moments.
Those who do not deserve resources simply will not get them.  Terri showed us the way.  When her life no longer had sufficient quality, she no longer deserved to be given water or food.  Why should she?  There is no rational reason why she should have.  She didn't even appear to be conscious.  The same case could be made for many students in school.  I know I had some in my classes.
The schools could be saved by the simple expedient of executing every child who falls below a grade average of "C."   The time frame could be negotiated.  Do you realize how much money is spent trying to educate the stupid?  Immense resources are expended upon people who will never achieve a quality mind.  The same thing goes for lousy teachers.  Why should incompetent teachers who can't spell or think be allowed to continue to soak up the resources of the state?   If life can fall so low that it does not even deserve water and food, why should it be educated and counselled?
The choice should not belong to the persons we kill, of course.  They are not to be the judge of the quality of their lives, just like Terri Schaivo could not.  Husbands are competent to judge whether wives are of sufficient quality, and parents may be allowed to judge the quality of their children, unless they get maudlin and sentimental over it, and then the courts will have to step in.   It might not be good policy for children to decide whether their parents are of sufficent quality, but perhaps courts of appeal could be established for a while until all the incompetent and low-quality parents are shot.
Eventually the judges would have the final say, of course, just as in the Terri Schaivo case.  It would be very important, then, to have high quality judges, because it might be very difficult to shoot the judges that need to be shot.  Who would do that?  That's a tough nut to crack, but after a while all the low quality people would be eliminated and that should raise the level of judges.
Of course, bigotted people like Christians would also have to be shot, because their minds are of such low quality that they will continue to be a pain in the neck to everyone.  Why should they get resources?
What would be wrong with it?
Thank you, Terri.  By your death you have shown us the way to salvation.
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