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Sunday, October 02, 2005

What's Not Evolving Is Public Opinion: "But here's the kicker: Although neither evolution nor creationism is accepted by a sizable majority, upwards of two-thirds of the public over the past 20 years has supported teaching both accounts of the origins of life. Even among proponents of natural selection, a majority wants students to be exposed to creationism. And a large minority of Americans -- around 40 percent in both the Gallup and Pew polls -- says that creationism should be taught instead of evolution."

Drives 'em crazy, of course. Jesus put it this way, "Heaven and earth may pass away but my words will not pass away." The words of the Bible cannot be removed from the minds of mankind because they have the indelibal ring of truth. There are people on the earth who do not accept the "scientific" definition of truth--that which can be observed with bodily senses and verified by these same senses. Man is more than an animal and has the sense of deity within that requires him to expand the definition of truth to include spiritual apprehension. Of course, this is superstition to the "scientific community, " who continue to insist that if they can't catch it in their net, then it is not a fish. The elect of God know that regeneration and eternal life are real, but if you don't have eyes you cannot see it. Without Christ men are as blind as moles. They probably will get irritated with this post.
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