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Saturday, December 10, 2005

"The Republican Party.s latest ad is a shameful and disgusting attempt to distract the American people from the problems in Iraq." --Senator Inouye


No, Senator Inouye, it is your party's cut and run rhetoric that is shameful. Your energy should be directed to the real skunks in your party that are betraying their country.

Every war is fought on three levels: on the battle field, in the arena of world opinion, and in the domestic opinion. Treason in any area betrays the troops and nation.

This writer lived through the Viet Nam area when the voters rejected to treason of the Kerrys and the Jane Fondas only to lose the war by the betrayal of the media and the politicians over the nothing of Watergate. Those who hyped the Watergate fiasco betrayed their country for political gain just as surely as Benedict Arnold betrayed his country.

The American people are much more sophisicated, the liberal East Coast media monopoly is no more, and the liberal monopoly of Congress is broken, and we will not tolerate this current treason.

We can hardly wait to get out to vote in 2006 and get rid of more American chickens. Bring 'em on.
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