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Friday, January 20, 2006

US Senator cautions against Iraqi government sectarianism - Yahoo! News: "'It is going to be essential that those key ministries, particularly defense, interior and finance put people in them who will lead the ministry without regard to the sectarian influences that have so often guided decision-making,' he said."

Just shout louder; no one is listening Posted by Picasa

Thank you, Senator Kerry. To get advice from you about sectarianism in goverment is rather like having Senator Ted Kennedy caution us about driving over bridges late at night with female passengers, or Ex-President Bill Clinton lecture us on the danger of using power to get sexual favors, or having Senator Byrd give us advice on the dangers of the Ku Klux Klan.

Are we all daft? But then maybe Senator Kerry has put sectaritanism aside and will vote for the confirmation of Judge Alito? Maybe. And maybe Osama bin Laden will become a Christian missionary to Israel. Maybe. Maybe physicians will learn to heal themselves and the blind will be able to lead the blind afterall. Maybe.
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