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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Some Thoughts on Cartoons

The evidence is in that the Islamic riots over some old cartoons are not a spontaneous reaction to Danish blundering, but a well staged presentation sent as a warning to the West. The message: It is for the same purpose that drove the Japanese to atrocities in Korea and the Philippines in WWII, the Nazi's to do the same in Europe, and Al Capone to bash heads with baseball bats.

You remember the bully on the playground? I remember one when I was in the third grade. He was a big dumb kid who should have been in the fifth grade, but he had failed twice in his first five years of school. [You are really old if you can remember when kids failed in school. Self-esteem sensitivity laid that practice to rest.]

Every disagreement with that big dumb kid always ended the same way, "Wanna make something out of it?" Nobody ever did, because he was twice as big as the rest of us and used terror to impose his will.

This is exactly what Islam is doing. It's bully boy tactics. Remember how effeminate Europe complained that the "Arab street will erupt" if Bush took strong military measures against Saddam. They didn't, of course, because they didn't care a bit about Saddam. This war is not about politics; it is about religion.

If the west can be painted as warring against Mohammed, the prophet, the bullies hope that they can raise enough emotional support for their beloved jihad. Won't work, of course, just as it didn't work for Capone, Hitler, or the Land of the Rising Sun.

Didn't work for the big dumb kid either. Even sixty-some years later I get pleasure remembering the day he had his clocked cleaned by a mild-manner boy in the fourth grade. Really bloodied his nose, and in those days you had lost the fight if your nose bled.
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