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Sunday, March 12, 2006 :: Columns :: Jay Bennish and 1973 by Mary Grabar - Mar 12, 2006: "The debate about Jay Bennish, the Colorado high school teacher who confused a diatribe against the Bush administration with a lesson in geography, is not about free speech, but about the meltdown of Western civilization.
Jay Bennish, the product of baby boomer teachers and parents, is not unlike other recent high school and college graduates. He was denied the opportunity for an education.

But come to think of it, baby boomers like me were denied educations."


Because America could not find the guts to fire the ignorant communists in the schools in the last generation, we are dealing with another generation of their offspring. Colorado can not find the guts to fire people like Bennish or Ward Churchill, and that means that Colorado is not interested in education at all. Jay Bennish evidently doesn't know who Hitler was and what he did. That is inexcusable.

But don't expect the citizens of Colorado to try to find out what educator are really interested in. They would not like what they would find. Just stick you head back in the sand, fiddle while Rome burns, run around saying that the sky is falling, or any other cliche you choose. The house is burning down.

Jay Benish should have been fired. Not because of his political views, but because of his ignorance. But who gets an education when they train to become teachers? Benish was just doing what he had been trained to do, and he did it, and is now rewarded for it. Let the stupid public beware. What will the next generation do?
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