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Friday, June 02, 2006

A Real Hater?

BBC NEWS UK Wales Gore in Hay climate change plea: "But Mr Gore, fresh from an appearance at the Cannes film festival, delivered a starker message that the world was now facing a 'danger which could bring the end of civilisation.' "


But how can you believe a man who has been the purveyor of more hate than any American in the last 100 years. I speak of the hatred of George W. Bush, by the liberal elite, who took their cue from Gore that Bush stole the election in 2000.

Richard Nixon faced the same issues in 1960, when there were strong indictions that democratic shenannigans in Illinois and Texas had delivered the election to John Kennedy. Nixon refused to challenge the elections in the court [while privately vowing to do a better job of poll watching if he ever got another chance], because Nixon felt it would leave a legacy of bitterness in the American electorate, and send a very bad message to the rest of the world. Nixon loved his country. Gore refused to follow Nixon's lead, for modern liberals love power, no matter what the cost to the electorate or the public morale.

Charge you opponent with every crime that you can imagine, no matter what the residue of hate that your spread around. There is no question. The polarization of American politics and the bitterness of the left is the direct responsibility of Al Gore. Even Kerry is a better man than Gore, for he refused to pout over Ohio and make wild charges in 2004. The Gore legacy may very well be the fire of hatred and bitterness that may last for a generation and do more harm to our great nation than any Chicken Little warning of warming.
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