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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Egypt primes children for jihad - News from Israel, Ynetnews: "An Egyptian Islamic cleric working for the state ministry of religious endowment has used a children's television program to encourage young children to strive for holy war.

During program, made available by the Arabic translation service MEMRI , the cleric told a story about Muslim children in history keen to 'sacrifice' themselves and kill 'infidels' for the cause of Islam. "


Where is the outrage in Islam? If an American minister was recorded praising three years old girls for calling Jews dogs and pigs, he would create a storm of outrage in Christian communities everywhere. Where are the so-called famous Islam streets to protest this outrage.

I know the answer. There is no outrage, for such things are the natural ourgrowth of this "religion of peace."

But Islamists do count as a creditable challenge to Christianity. A resort to force in religious matters is a sign that you have lost the intellectual and spiritual battle. A threat to democracy? Yes, but Christianity is not the same as democratic liberalism.

Might the conditions be coming into existence for the world's last great religious war? There will be no middle ground in that war.

Emerson said that truth is beautiful. So also, are lies.
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