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Monday, August 28, 2006

BREITBART.COM - Kerry Revives 2004 Election Allegations: "An e-mail will be sent to 100,000 Democratic donors Tuesday asking them to support U.S. Rep. Ted Strickland for governor of Ohio. The bulk of the e-mail criticizes Strickland's opponent, GOP Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, for his dual role in 2004 as President Bush's honorary Ohio campaign co-chairman and the state's top election official. "

These people, starting with Al Gore, are seeking to poison the election system in the United States for their own imagined gain. They would turn us into a third world nation that despises the rule of law. Nixon was better than this whole modern crowd of Democrats. He refused to challenge Kennedy's narrow win in 1950 although there were plenty of grounds. Nixon did not want to damage the public's view of the process.

Sidenote: seems that other liberals are learning from Al Gore. Witness the fiasco south of the border. The losers there threatened to make Mexico "ungovernable" if they lost their court appeal. On the other hand, who said that Mexico was governable? Their only hope is for the election to stand with a conservative in power. Liberalism destabilizes government everywhere, pitting citizen against citizen, group against group, wrong against right. People in America are catching on--they have been restless, but didn't know the reason. They are learning and will teach liberals a lesson this election, too.
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