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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Jim Hoagland - Realism, and Values, in Lebanon - "The Bush administration struggles in Iraq to prevent failure from becoming defeat. Ambitions of promoting democracy abroad through regime change are rapidly being scaled back to the bedrock question of intervention, from Kosovo to Darfur: Can 'we' stop 'them' from killing each other? If the answer is no, that is defeat."

Why is this whole thing so hard to uncerstand. Defeat is if they kill us. We are not the world's policeman or the world's keeper. If they want to kill each other, that is fine and dandy.

The problem underlying all this liberal thought, which has paralyzed the Bush administration and intoxicated Europe: "Am I really my brother's keeper?" The answer to this whining whimper of a murderer [Cain] the answer is NO. See my article on this subject here.
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