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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sex Education Has Been Very Successful, Don't You Know? - Democrats Aim To Kill Abstinence-Only Program Funding - Politics | Republican Party | Democratic Party | Political Spectrum: " Democrats long skeptical that abstinence-only programs are more effective than 'comprehensive' sex-ed classes are trying to reverse Bush administration policy and kill a key entitlement program for abstinence-only funding set to expire Jun. 30."

It was sometime in 1959, I think. One of the part-time things I did was to report on the news to a small Christian radio station in Southern Oregon. I attended one of the local school board meetings to report on a controversy over sex education materials that were being introduced to one of the school districts. The materials were very explicit for those days, but would appear exceedingly mild by today's [non]standards.

The pro-sexeducationist back then were saying the same thing they say today. "We need more neutral sex-education, in order to avoid unwanted pregnancies and free teens from the "oppression" of their [judgmental] parents." It was said almost as bluntly as that.

There was no Federal Department of Education in those days, very little federal funding of education, so the sex-education struggle was fought at the local and state levels.

Looking back at the last fifty years, I would say that the sex-education programs in the public schools have been highly successful. I think that those who supported the programs were liars then and are liars today. The goal never was to reduce teen pregnancies or diseases. It was to introduce a new morality of complete sexual freedom, homosexuality, and it has succeeded beyond the wildest imaginations of the proponents. They are emboldened to complete their project which has as its goal the elimination of the Christian family and to legalize bestiality and pedophilia, among other things.

I only knew of one girl who quit school because she was pregnant, and none who were pregnant in school. There may have been others, but I did not know of them. It was obvious that sommething needed to be done. I don't know how people like my grandparents managed to have 12-14 children, being so ignorant about sexual things. We highschoolers of the early 1950's were not nearly as sophisticated in sexual matters as modern teenagers; we did not have the benefit of sex education classes, pornography in every store and on the Internet, rampant in movies and television.

Yes, I would say that the sex education programs on all levels have succeeded. Unwanted pregnancies and abortion have been eradicated, sexual diseases eliminated, and young people get along famously with their [non] judgmental parents. Don't they?
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