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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Savior or Saboteur? - New York Times: "As the Arkansas journalist Max Brantley told the Billary biographer Sally Bedell Smith, 'He’s always evangelizing for the church of Bill.'"
Just wait long enough and prevaricators will reveal themselves. Example: Maureen Doud has now exposed herself completely. The article in the link above is essentially saying, "I have known all the time the truth about Bill and Hillary, but I pretended something else about them all the years they were in power because I have an agenda that includes abortion rights, anti-male, socialism, anti-capitalists, liberal, anti-bible planks and they were useful to my agenda. It is ok for me to lie and to use liars like Bill and Hillary because they are useful to me."

In other words, don't believe anything Doud writes. If she lied to promote Billary, might she also do so to promote someone else that seems more useful [Obama?]

Maybe Bill's worst mistake this time out is to think that his former supporters really believed and admired him.
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