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Friday, April 04, 2008

It's an Unmitigated Disaster!!

Lloyd's warns of a lack of natural disasters Business The Guardian: "Lloyd's of London warned yesterday that an absence last year of natural disasters or man-made accidents was putting pressure on firms to reduce premiums in 2008.
The world's oldest and biggest insurance market said that though the lack of major disasters had allowed firms to push up profits 5% in 2007, underwriting margins were being squeezed."

What are we going to do without more disasters? Liberalism will have nothing to scare people about in order to increase the power and size of government. Algore will have to give up the billions he stood to make in selling indulgences for those who use too much carbon. Conspiritorialists will have to find other things to blame on their favorite enemies. What will Bush-haters do with no disasters to blame on him.

Worst of all, the dispensationalist will have to change his predictions about the immanent return of Christ; for if there are no earthquakes, hurricanes or other natural disasters, how will he be able to read the signs of the times. Its a disaster!

We need to pray [to whatever god you pray to] that we will see an immediate increase in disasters so that these careers can be saved, and by saving these careers we can revive the world's economy. Without disasters who is there to save?
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