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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hurrah for Greed

Hey, I got a great idea. I think we should show our compassion for the poor, both black and white and Hispanic or whoever and sell them houses that they cannot afford, that they do not appreciate, will not take care of. To encourage them to sign the papers, we will make the loans with extremely easy terms, no points, nothing that would make them feel that they can't afford it.

If this is successful, we will expand these loans to suckers in other income brackets. We will flood the world with our paper and party, party, party.

We will make a lot of money, because we will not hold the paper--we will sell it to government insured lending institutions who are run by our friends who share our view that every should have his own home, in order to make him feel good about himself and live the "American Dream." How can you have the "American Dream" unless you have a mortgage you cannot pay.

We will even lie about the nature of the securities made up of bundled deadbeat mortgages to entice foreign banks to invest in them. This also will enhance our reputation in the world, and we have been very worried about that because of the Iraq war. These foreign banks will use these useless securities [without knowing that they are deadbeat securities] as collateral to make many other loans that they would not be able to make if they did not have them.

It will be a wonderful world indeed. Everybody under his vine and figtree, making love to his significant other, for we have finally found the philosophers stone and are able to turn lead into gold, or least stones into bread.

Do you want to invest in my company? It will be called Prodigal Home Investments

No, of course not. Only a fool would. But you might loan other people's money if you had a big enough vision of your own greed. I will receive your mother's money, your money for your grandchildren, and your child's college fund. It is for a good cause, a colorblind, genderblind, sexorientation blind cause. It takes a big man to steal trillions of dollars either from the blind or on behalf of the blind.

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