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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

For the People, especially the Children! Nope.
Against the Family, the People, especially the Children!

If you think it is "for the people," you are as dumb as a rock, no matter how many degrees you have. Capping the pay of executives, I mean. It is against the people, not for the people. It isn't hard, and I will explain it to you if you will put aside your envy and greed and prejudice against the rich for a moment.

The purpose is to destroy the wealthy class and put all power in the hands of government. It took a long time for kings to destroy the noble class in Europe, but they were ultimately successful beginning with Philip the Fair. Only the powerful nobles could keep the king in check, just as only the powerful rich can hold government in check today. Their power should be balanced against each other, and if the power tips to the great ones, or toward the elected officials, the result is the same, oppression of the people in the name of the people.

If there are no rich, who will fund the opposition? eh??

Get out your old dusty history books, except those written under the misguided influence of Marx and Lenin, and find out for yourself.

Philip destroy the nobles and the rich and powerful, most notibly the Templars [the church follows the rich to the trashheap, for it is a threat to the "people"]. Read--find out for yourself.
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