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Friday, December 28, 2012

State and Marriage

Why the State Must Regulate and Define Marriage.

The Fifth Commandment forbids adultery. Adultery is a sin and should also be a crime in the state
for it destroys the family.

How can you discipline for adultery if people behave like dogs and rabbits?  What is cheating? and
how are innocent people to be protected from being trampled on by rutting animals?

Then there is the matter of children. Fathers are to bring their children up in the Lord, and this is a
matter for both state and church. If fathers do not civilize and support their children, then the state
and the church or other members of the family must, because civilized societies do not allow
children to die in the street.  A man that does not support and provide for his children has denied
the faith and is worse than an unbeliever, Scripture says.

Strict laws concerning adultery are not cruel and inhumane.  Slack laws are inhumane to children,
society, and innocent spouses who want to live godly in marriage.  Marriage is also a contract in
which each partner makes vows, and each is in a position of trust and obligation.  The state must
enforce civil contracts if the state is to be civilized.

Anyone who has been through a divorce, or knows someone who has been [who hasn't?] through
one knows the horror, the cruelty, the poverty, the bitterness that ensues because someone was
unfaithful to the vows: not only guilty of sin against the 7th Commandment, but also sin against the
3rd Commandment.  Persons not only sin physically against they spouse, but also against God and
their spouse by taking God's name in vain by not keeping their vows.

When fathers do not discipline and civilize and support their children [with the help of mothers],
they have committed a crime against their family, their church, their state, laying additional burden
upon the resources of these biblical institutions.  If there are no laws defining marriage, then all is
confused and a mother may have children by three or four or more "partners" like animals in the

She and her partners are irresponsible in their sexuality, making it impossible for the children to
live in families after a godly order: different sets of grandparents, confusion of family members,
confusion of fatherly responsibility to the home;  If one father tries to be responsible, he ends up
footing the bill for other people's kids, and sometimes he just throws up his hands and disappears.

If the children live with the father, the same situation ensues, or perhaps even worse.

If fathers do not discipline and civilize their children. If they do not provide for them, and that also
should be a matter of discipline in church and state for the state and church must provide for them.
Hence, it is necessary to determine which kids belong to which fathers. Otherwise, complete

Then there is property. A spouse has rights to property gained during a marriage, and so do the
children. Rights of inheritance are involved.

This is why the homosexuals want marriage "rights" because they want to play house, get the
bennies, while breaking God's law. There is more, but I spare you.

A man gets a deed when he buys a house, signifying that it is his and he has rights connected
with ownership. A spouse has even more rights in a marriage and the state and church must
protect those rights, or the state will fall apart.
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