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Monday, December 10, 2012

Worthy Is the Lamb -

There is much to be done before the Last Adam enters into the inheritance
that Adam lost. Man was created to put the world to come under his feet,
but Adam in awful rebellion brought sin and death instead of life and peace.

There are many things to be done before mankind, the world, and all things
are reconcile to God in Jesus Christ, and it may be a long time yet as many
parables of the Lord indicate.  Suffering is an important part of the
redemption of the world and the sufferings of Christians are a participation
in the cross of Christ. But the Lamb is worthy—His character is commiserate
with the value of the Kingdom.  There is no other worthy, though many try
to usurp His kingdom.  They will fail,  Babylon is fallen, and Christ is All. 

Worthy Is the Lamb -
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